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is there a way to update The GPS Navigation Syste.
what to put on a coolant leak in a 2000 cadillc,until we get time to take it to a car just have a small leak on the coolant plastic tank at the bottom of it wear the hose is ,but we checked that the hose an av...
My ranger overheats. Have replaced the fan clutch,thermostat and radiator cap.
My 2002 was PERFECT until about 1 year ago...I started having problems with my car dying so we replaced the battery and alternator each about 2 times in a 3-4 month does OK as long as I don't run the heat...
I've checked my fuel pump, relay seem ok, feel it clicking, and the switch in the trunk is working but no power is going to the fuel pump thru the ignition. any ideas where to look next?
Is there anything that can be done to touch up the peeling finish on these interior surfaces? The dealership does not seem to know of anything that can be done to reair the worn finishes.
I have a 2001 xc 70. And when I give it gas it pulls to the left when I let off it quits? Its AWD so not sure why it is doing it?? Help
When I turn on the right signal indicator the clicking and light signal are faster than normal.
I have changed the cap,rotor,plugs,wires,pick-up coil, thinking it was just a commom misfire. It seems to run fine at idle, but when I put it in to drive and attempt to accelerate, it falls on it's face and runs as if...
I have rattle in my dashboard. What could it be?
head gasket replacement
I have the above stated car and would like to know how to replace the pressure hoses in my car. They blew out or at least the high pressure end blew out 2 days ago.
I need to replace the leaking heater coro in my 96 audi A6 please help,thanks.
my temperture gage will not work in my e150 van stays in cold postion does not run hot.