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After this vehicle sat for a bit and a new battery was installed, the Check Engine light came on and Autozone read the code as 0449. Their reported probable causes were a defective purge or vent solenoid, fuel satura...
How do you change the under hood light bulb?
where is the heater blower door located on the car
under the clock on the center of the dash there's a button marked ECT power or normal, what is this,and what does it do?
Leaks coolant
my audi a4 temp gauge is getting to normal range but the heater never gets hot no matter what the temp is set at in the car i know it could only be a few things but was hoping to narrow it down.
some times when i start the car in the mor my vdc slip come on i shutt it than turn it back it work when i m on the way come back again changed my throtell body still
my car will go into gear while the motor is running but wont go anywhere. you can shift through all gears without pushing the clutch in. is it the clutch?
I was driving at 55 on a straight level road and the car just died. All electrical works but won't turn over. Listened to see if the fuel pump was working and it sounds like it is. What could the problem be?
I replaced the rotors and pads also the shoes, when I apply the brake pedal it pulsates and feels like the front tires will fall off. could the calipers be hanging up?
What I am suppose to do with this problem? TSBs for the 2003 Honda ElementBody, Interior & Misc.: AIR BAGS Service Bulletin Number: 2034 NHTSA Number: 10001552 Model Years Affected: 2003 Date of Bulletin: 06/200...
I replaced the rotors and pads, also the shoes could the calipers be hanging up? feels like the tires are going to fall off when i brake at 35mph and higher
I am changing the fluid in my wrangler, what type, weight of fluid should be used?
I cannot get my grand marquis into park. What seems to be the problem?
None of the power locks in my 1998 GMC Safari Van work. I cannot find the fuse which controls the locks.