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my front brakes wont work and everything is hooked up right.
I have an oil leak. I know that the oil pan gasket needs replacing as well as the valve cover gasket. It's not a real heavy leak. How much am I looking at in repairs for both?
I just replaced the serpentine belts and one pulley (lower left as you look at it) because the pulley froze up. Now it vibrates and shakes when I turn right at slow speeds. The power steering does not squeal and I d...
I'm experencing electrical problems with my car
what do i have to remove to have ez access to spark plugs 5,6,7,8on my hemi motor
how much to fixs a speed sensor switch on the tranny?
what do i need to remove to have access to plug# 5,6,7,8 its a tight squeeze in there
Just finished R&R on broken valve due timing belt slipping: not getting any spark when went to start. Scan code read TCM - communication current range. Had to remove overhead cam sensor to remove valve head. Do I need...
What do I have to remove to get to the sparkplugs for EZ removal seems like a tight squeeze to get to plug # 5,6,7,8
I spray contact cleaner into latch on door it will clear but it reoccurs,is there any other fix that you could reccomend. Is there any easy way to get at the sensor.
Car has been in garage for month so started and backed out. Notice battery was low so hooked up charger. Let battery charge and when tried to restart, engine would not start. Checked electric/plugs and getting fire...
Where is the connector in the vehicle for the OBD II scanner tool?
could it be reweiled while still in the car ? Do you think detail part for adjuster is available? I'm trying to avoid buying a complete adjuster unit.
Finding it hard to shift from 1st to 2nd???
I have a problem with the starter or battery because for some reason my car will start in the morning fine but i will turn it off for an hour and when i try to start it again it takes a long time to turn over. also i ...