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What causes this light to come on?
can a bad starter make the check engine light flash on. the check engine light came on flashing and then van started shaking. shut the van off and now it will not start.
every thing look fin but no cold air
How do u change the water pump?
Little did I realize my undertaking until I actually started. What must be done to do this task? Are there special tools? Are there techniques to get the job done most easily? Wow...never realized I would need help...
why will my car start but not stay running
how do you reach the back spark plugs to change them? Are you able to get them from underneath?
How do do I remove the head gasket?
The code is left bank lean. Before I go to the dealer and get rapped just to find out what the problem does anyone have any ideas? I replaced the fuel filter and plugs, checked for vacumn leaks and can't get it to tur...
Help i have a loud banging noise coming from the engine when i turn left
changed thermostat coolant/ oil full the temp gage redlines and the oil light comes on check engine light come on before this all started ??
my check engine light stays on the only monitor that is coming up is the evap system. I have had it to the garage and had the evap system checked and there is no leaks. I had the valve changed and everything. I cant g...
When the vehicle is in gear it lopes and misses out.
how much would it cost to fix a P0430 code to pass emissions?