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How much would a transmissin pump w/labor for a 2001 Honda Civic cost?
My car died driving down the road and won't start. Im trying to see if the fuel pump is the problem. How would i start to see if the fuel pump is the problem.
my brake lights go off when i press down on them.
I am trying to replave the knock sensor do to a code 42 but i can not find it anywhere. please help
I have already replaced the ball joints and the outer tie rods, but it still steers very hard at slow speed at turns.
what was the original price for mustang
Windows will not roll up????????????
the radio, the lights, the dash, etc, all come on, but the ignition wont start. no crank, nothing.
I am still driving my 1998 Ford Escort and overall very pleased but the last 5 years there has been a constant buzzing sound that only appears after 20 minutes of driving. Very loud, embarrassing and annoying. I hav...
My fuel pumps only pump out of one side of tank. We have replaced both pumps and it is still a problem. It drops from 1/2 tank immediately to empty.
how do i get to the stop light bulb to change it
I was told by my insurance company that Honda Accords are designed to be repaired these days and that a bent frame is sectioned off and that they replace the bent frame? Is this really true?
It never turns off even when the car is turned off and its killing my battery whats the problem?
how do you replace an Ignition Control Moduel on this vehicle? where is it located?