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how do you adjust clutch
how to replace the starter.
where do i locate the abs computer, or the abs relay
can not locate the fuel pump in this car
I have replaced wiring harness,checked fuse,and replaced brake switch,and light bulbs.
How many grease fittings or zerts dose my 93 F-150 have...............Thanks
warning of afs being off on the dash
My transmission is completly apart from the motor do i have to take out a cross member to drop the transmission and if so which one, can i get a schematic.
how hard is it to replace the rear axle seal on my 1998 explorer. what do i have to do as far as releasing the axle from the gears
I'm the original owner and have 120k on this Cummins. Only in the past year have I had this power loss problem and it has only occured 3 times in the past 5000 miles. While in no particular gear (it's a manual 5 spd) ...
Is it normal for the power sterring to go out on a vehicle thqat only has 59,000 miles on it.
what is the wiring colors for the engine? i had got a 1993 cougar XR-7 and someone has cut the main wiring harness to it. so the ends are cut off and i cant find out the colors for the components under the hood the th...
No matter what I select, the heater blows air on the mix setting. I can't select floor only or any other setting. Air is plenty warm just won't go where I want it to. Help!