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Same time sign came check the brake system regan brake system disable. but when swich off the car and srart again its working finr.
Front brakes are grinding when depressed. I believe pads need to be replaced and rotors turned.
how to remove old bulb?
oil light flashes when reving engine, doesnt when idleling
oil light flashes when driving makes ticking noise. light does not come on when idiling, but does start to flash when reving engine.
I checked the voltage at the battery terminal when the brake and altenator light is on 12v but while driving or if I "rev" the engine the light goes out check voltage 14.2v.I had my altenator and battery checked and ...
why do oil burn out of my tail pipe?
How to change the The Cabin Air Filter may also be referred to as a Pollen Filter, Micro Filter or an Air Conditioning Filter.Where is it located and how do I change it?
Although never a problem while driving at highway speed (50+ mph), my AC stops working (issues including blowing in hot air, over-boiling/over-flowing of coolant, and overheating/smoke from under the hood) if I'm stuc...
The check engine soon light came on and will not go back off. When it came on, I checked a few things like the gas cap, added 10 litres of mid-grade fuel but light remained oon. I then checked the engine oil and it wa...
I have a 2004 LeSabre w/ 35,000 miles. The car had a shimmy/shake that the dealer said was from worn tires. I replaced the tires w/Michelin Hydroedge tires, which were road-force balanced and filled w/ nitrogen. I ...
scanner shows #3 cylinder misfire.what do you recomend
Help!! I cannot figure out how to install rear wiper blade. I know it is probably quite simple but I am obviously a lot simpler than the solution. Help