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Parking brake releases when I put it in reverse. Additionally have done it manually to make sure they are released but when I go into reverse the rear wheel brake on the passenger side is still on and tire will not r...
How do I release the lines to the filter. I have a inline fuel filter and do not know how to get the filter out!
how do i tighten outside front door lock? I can't remove the inside door handle so I can't get the inside door panel off.
how to repair an input shaft speed sensor circutit malfunction
just replaced pads and rotors. when you depress the pedal you get a real bad shimmy in the wheel? What could it be
car shakes while idiling what could be the problem
My daughter drove my Volvo into a very deep puddle. It got stuck and had to be towed out. (It was partially submerged on the right side above the wheels for at least an hour). Water leaked into the interior and doors....
I just bough a 2001 Boxster S and have the Following Problems: ** Door rattle on the Dirvers side. How do you remove the door panel to see what it is? ** Intermittent muffler chatter. Check for loose brackets found ...
My ETS OFF light stays on all the time, pushing ETS button on gear shift has no effect. What could be the cause?
Is there a relay in the circuit to allow the A/C compressor to turn on? Doesn't click on, light on button lights, fuse good.
after getting hot then transmission doesn't work. Does this car of a transmission cooler? Or what is the problem. The transmission shop put two quarts of fluid in and said all is fine.
Front brakes when applied brake pedal pulsate and steering wheel moves side to side. Took off front wheels and both rotors and brake pads were in excellent shape. Decided to have the rotors turned down, truck ran fine...
So I have had this problem for a long time now. My car turns on normally sometimes, sometimes when i try to turn it on, the engine begins to shake very badly. Not only that, while driving my car will suddenly turn off...
dealer said cost $575 per plug and what cause this problem only on FORD engine the dealer told me and how is FORD doing about this