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what all automatic transmission will interchange with 1999 ford f150 4.6 v8 from what years down 1999 and what years up??
I have Used vislone when I changed oil , still tapping. Can I have lifters adjusted ?
i the right cylinder heads and i lost the marks i put the mark on the crankshaft and the the camshaft V6. at 12 oclck the jeep start but stalls what can i do with out taking all the engine apart
Code P0172 shows on the code reader (rich fuel in bank 1) replaced vacuum hoses/fuel filter/sparke plugs. still runs rough/same code of P0172. Any info appreciated. Thanks
battery light on
not charging battery
Bronco has been parked for 3 years trying to get it running. Fixed brakes, power steering unit, transmission gasket and filter, replaced spark plugs, and finally drove it on the road and there is knocking sound, does ...
with 53K odo, it started to burn oil in big quantities with no reason. The car is sending big quantities of smoke from exhaust. We change motor seals and nothing change.
where ae the heater core hoses located
how can i improve my decreasing gas mileage
gas mileage is decreasing per gallon what is wrong
while i am driving the rpm gauge drops to zero and doesnt go back up. i try to accelerate and i hear a grinding noise. i have to stop turn off the car and turn it back on. its fine for about two to three days and it h...
Last week I had the timing belt, water pump & valve cover gasket of my 2000 Toyota Camry replaced by a Toyota dealer. I see some oil drip from the engine on my driveway. What is the most likely cause?
Car stalls after driving about 20 minutes or so. Took it to the garage. (All codes came back clean). Bucks when trying to get into second gear via Overdrive. Bucks when trying to go past 45 MPH. Then stalls. ...