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handheld scanner said multiple cyl.misfire,coilpacks on right side would stall running vehicle if disconnected,left side had no change and would not stall vehicle after disconnecting coil packs.
When i try to turn on the fan it does not come on. This problem has been intermittent. But now it wont come on. What could this be?
The car starts fine,but when I go to put it into gear and take my foot off the gas pedal, it cuts off.
When I use my heater it makes a squeaking loud noise after a few minutes and gets louder. Do I need to replace a fan belt? If so can I do it myself?
where can I find the torque specs on a 2000 jeep cherokee limited on line for free
My service technician recommended brake oil change at around 36000 miles. Was this necessary or I got ripped off. Its 2007 E350
car won't start, replaced the starter even though they said it was ok because it was old. Lights will come on but wont start. Can not be boosted off either.
were is the location of the engine coolant temp sensor code reading p0118 tells me its bad
How can I remove the cover to replace the lamp?
an electrical box two conector under globe container says ford 91 06 26 na01677f0a foof14b056aa with foam f1df14b056aa made in canada make noise i would like to know what it is
when driving along in low gears accelaration is fine but once changed in to higher gear car seems to judder and power cuts off untill i stop accelarating and than start accelarating again,the loss of power keeps comin...
been chasing a problem on my truck, p0300 code and i have changed plugs, wires, intake gasket and some off the coils. But 5 and 8 still are mis-firing at highway speed but not enough to feel, the engine rpms go up ab...
I am about to buy a 2001 BMW 530i for $9,500 with 95,000 miles. It has been serviced by a BMW main dealer and I just got a copy of the service records from the dealer listing what has been done over the last few year...
when i drive my car it feels forced on a 65 ml per hr the rmp or rpm stays on 5 and i feel like if my car waist to much gas transaxel light is on and engine to is it possible i have to replace the transmission can it...