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Who around Nicholasville resurfaces rotors?
when I get up around 30 to 40 mph and press the gas pedal down it wants to stall out for a second and once I release the pedal and then press it back down it's fine. What could this be?
How do you Change the water termostat?
replaced the brake pads which required pushing the brake calipers in to make the new pads fit. lost some brake fluid. where can I add more brake fluid.
this happens when turning at low sppeds
1996 5.8 liter failed emissons test with codes po401 and p1400 can somebody tell me what engine parts these codes are for and if i can get the part from a ford dealer and install myself thanks tom
When all doors closed it shows driver door open and all my lights are on Inside of the car can you help me asap!!!!!!!
Door assemby diagram
i bought my car in las vegas naveda in sep.26,2003 and moved in sacramento califronia. my car altima se 03. check eingen light is ben on code po 0011 and code po 0420. nissan dealer in vegas i want them to fix this pr...
right side t-top leaks, dealership says need to replace weatherstripping
After driving a far distance there seems to be a skipping when turning. Some times it does it in slower speeds and just generally feels really loose. All the component in the front end feel tight but it also makes a c...
where is the radiator drain plug and how do I get to it
I just bought a 4 wheel drive used and I tried to use the 4 Wheel drive and the transfer stick won't budge. What could the problem be?
The 40A ignition A fuse blows every time I try to start the vehicle. It blew once before several weeks ago but I replaced the fuse and all was fine until now. I replaced the ignition switch as that seems to be a commo...