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this idiot shorted out my lighter by sticking a screwdriver down in it and apparently it also shorted my cruise control as well. All the fuses are numbered but it says "see owners manu.". don't have one. can anyone ...
how do i change the spark plugs on a 2003 pontiac aztek
Ihave a strong smell of gas and the code is reading 0036 which is the o2 sensors.I have recently had those replaced but the light is popping back on.I just discovered that there is gas leaking from under the car from ...
The ABS light comes on intermittently. Had the brake pads replaced and the rotors turned. And sometimes the brakes feel mushy and don't appear to be grabbing.
my 99 montero sliped the t-belt when i turned off the vehicle i only tried to turn over twice what do u think the odds are that there was valve damage?
fluids used for the transfer case and the differetails on a 2000 chevy tahoe
42,000 miles and when I accelerate between 20 & 40 miles I hear a strange noise. Today my engine light came and the car has a hard time idling during a full stop.
How do I disable or bypass the car alarm?
My '97 buick century has a rough idle at long stops. It tends to run hot and i have to refill the water tank every two days. how can i remedy this? any information would be great.
i have a couple of different problems that have been going on for over a year now and mechanics can't figure out whats wrong with it. when i go 35-40 mph the car will violently shake until i let off the gas pedal or g...
In my previous question I mentioned I redone my exhaust system. I made it to dual instead of the original single exahust system and removed the cat. converters to get better HP since my Bronco will be used alot off-ro...
cv joint chaing and transmission oil change
my check engine light and my airbag light is on in my 1997 audi a4 what could the problem be.
what the timing marks
Last year my AC system stopped working, I got it back to full with freon because it ran a little low. After filling it the AC system still didn't work and someone told me you have to reset the system. its some for res...