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How is the center brake light get replaced. The red cover is connected to the light housing with screws from the backside. What appeared to be a simple fix turned into a two hour project with no results. The wire harn...
what tools do i need and how do i compress the integrated caliper
where is the location of the crankshaft sensor
instructions on how to fix loose drivers side window.
how do i fix a loose drivers side door window?
Power steering leak started out slow. Just needed to a few ounces every couple of days. Leak gradually increased. Now I need to add 8 ounces every time I drive. It puddles on the floor about a foot right of the le...
i have an air bag light on in my car and the ecm tells me to ck the body control module can you explain to me where this might be located? it is a round 21 pin. thanks dan 8
My horn and cruise control stopped working the other day. i have checked fuses and cannot find any blown. Any ideas? Also, the door lock remote has stopped working. I replaced the battery in the remote, butthe loc...
We had extremely heavy rains for a few days in a row and a road area that never sees any flooding got some which surprised all of the drivers on the road. I drove through slowly (I am not sure how deep it was - people...
Can I change the power steering pump on my 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by myself if I'm not a mechanic?
My tail lights and dash board lights keep going out. We have chnaged the fuses many times, and it will work for a week and go out agian. What is wrong with my car?
How do I replace my interior door handles? I've bought replacements.
leaking at right rear of engine can not tell where. it appears in the general location of the starter