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when I started my truck it seemed to idle just fine but as i gave it some gas it fluttered. So i let go of the gas and it returned to an idle. I gave it some gas again and did'nt let up and the truck died. but it s...
gear shift knob is hard to squeeze in in order to change from park to other gears. Can the knob be taken off and rebuilt if necessary
How much will it cost to replace the passenger-side door (front) on a new 2010 Honda Accord (LX-P)?
my truck will idle just fine but as soon as I give it a little gas the engine flutters and the check engine light comes on or it will just shut off
I have a 1978 toyota pickup i pulled the distibuter and now when i put the new one back in i can't get bit to fire right what is the proper way of resting ti
I just bought this vehicle and the battery light is on. The dealer said they did a diagnostic and it is the alternator. How can I be sure?
I can't get the inner clamp off the boot due to lack of space. Does anyone know how to do this?
is there a way to update The GPS Navigation Syste.
what to put on a coolant leak in a 2000 cadillc,until we get time to take it to a car just have a small leak on the coolant plastic tank at the bottom of it wear the hose is ,but we checked that the hose an av...
My ranger overheats. Have replaced the fan clutch,thermostat and radiator cap.
My 2002 was PERFECT until about 1 year ago...I started having problems with my car dying so we replaced the battery and alternator each about 2 times in a 3-4 month does OK as long as I don't run the heat...
I've checked my fuel pump, relay seem ok, feel it clicking, and the switch in the trunk is working but no power is going to the fuel pump thru the ignition. any ideas where to look next?
Is there anything that can be done to touch up the peeling finish on these interior surfaces? The dealership does not seem to know of anything that can be done to reair the worn finishes.
I have a 2001 xc 70. And when I give it gas it pulls to the left when I let off it quits? Its AWD so not sure why it is doing it?? Help