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This will be the second time I have replaced the passenger seat belt because it will lock up and will not release. I have a 5 year old child and i was out of town and once again the seat belt locked and I had to drive...
My 2005 Sebring starts fine but once ran for about 15 minutes and up to temp, if you turn off the ignition and then go to start it again.. The instrument panel shows all lights for the transmission gears(limp mode). I...
How is thr heater core accessed on this van ?
the engine light came on , took to auto zone to put test set on to see what was wrong. it read the egr valve is at fault. auto zone said to take to repair shop they said could be stopped up. so i wanted to clean mysel...
I am doing this for a friend.. Where is the access to the heater core on this van ? Can I get to it under the dash , engine compartment , or will it require dash removal ?
I do some routine work on my cars. I am unable to find the location of the fuel filter on my sonata. Can you tell me where to look ? Thank you bob
my back brakes need to be replaced. how much will this cost
how do i take the front rotors off,
when should I have a tune up done/
How can I add Tramsmisiion Fluid?
What should be done at 100000 miles as far as maintenance
Lexus GS 300 1993 Model engine does not switch off
I have a steady check engine light with 3 codes. P0304 misfire in cylinder. then 2 codes about intake and exhaust cam sensor slow response. it almost stalls at idle speed.
The ABS light is on and I would like to know what needs to be done to correct the problem. How much should it cost? Is it something I can do myself?