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The power steering goes out about a minute after starting the car. Do I need to change the fluid or is it more serious?
Cruise control quit working .Test light checked all fuses ok. Any suggestions on further testing?
How do you take the drum off the back of a 2002 kia sedona
My light on the car looks like a wrench and it says that it is the indicator light for the throttle control/transmission. What does that mean? Is this a maintenance that needs to be done on the car?
my car died on me while driving i checked the timing belt and a bunch of teeth were gone. I followed the instructions to the letter I think when replacing the belt but the car wont start the belt turns any guesses wha...
i think my spark plug wires are crossed
when i use my a/c the fan clutch cycles alot refridgerant level is good
The car seems like it wants to start but it loses the kick. The battery is fine and it has gas. I crank it but it does not seem like it wants to turn on.
heater blower only works on 5
Mechanic told me my car needs a climate control system to fix the A/C problem. What is that and is it expensive to replace?
How prevalent is the compressor problem and is there anything that can be done to prevent the problem?
I am getting poor gas mileage and oil in the throttle body. Car is running rich(code 45). It has a rebuilt engine with about 75k miles and is about 5 years old, the engine anyway. I changed the TPS it gave me a cod...
When I start my Kia it will not stay, it will shut down and I start it agin and again it will shut off. I only had this problem for a week. I cannot find out the problem I have tried several things including putting ...
could you tell me where the camshaft sensor as well as the crankshaft sensors are located on a 2006 monte carlo SS 5.3 V8