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The car seems to run fine, good power mileage, but need to pass Ohio echeck in july. When I clear the codes they reappear in 1-3 days
how to change front brake rotors
i was driving my car
I had a 420 code come up and failed my smog. Should I replace the catalytic converter or check the O2 sensors or check if I need flash the computer? Thanks,
i have recently had my r/p replaced and ever since then my monotoring system board will not reset. it continues to say, "system" and then "service air bag". what can i do besides taking it to a shop and spending more ...
Ee. Engine stalls at red lights rpm ramps up and down ???
My check engine light came on and i want to get rid of it.
Whats the best way too change the alternator?
What type of freon does this model take r-12 or 134a
how much is it to fix a radiator leeek
my car has 139,000 miles the check engine light came on how do i turn it off.
I want to know how muc would it cost to fix my car transmission. I cant go faster than 55 miles ph. So what all i need to do to get my car back up an running again.
getting a diagnostic code 35 and 83 what causes these codes
how to change the park light in kia rio
right headlight not working.i replace it and checked fuse.