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I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has a drumming, booming noise. It's only noticeable when I'm driving over small bumps in the road or a bump in the road. Very annoying!! Does anyone have any idea what this would...
My car shuts off at random. It could be stopped at a red light or at a stop sign or driving. I get Coil code on OB2 every time. I have change the Auto Shut Down relay and coil.
My car has been in storage for a few months and when I went to get it out the battery was dead, after replacing the battery with a new one the ABS brake light came on. Could this be from some kind of a low voltage iss...
I know basically what to do to rplace it. I just cant seem to get to the top bolt. Is there an easy way to get to it ???
I know in the old days the dodges had a way about starting up an engine and that would be where as soon as you turned the key, the engine would just crank for a few and then the engine would start. I have a 99 V10 the...
owned 1996 for three years- second time check engine light indicates bad swirlcontrol valve control solenoid valve. these aren't cheap--anybody have this problem?
Im having problems with my van shutting off when the outside temperature rises past 60 degrees. It tends to start back up after 5-10 minute and continues to drive for about the next 5miles or so and then acts like it ...
How easy is it to replace a starter for an 2003, 325I
The door ajar light and dome light stay on, even with all 4 doors shut.
The civic will randomly start up and run for a few seconds and than shut off. Its gotten worst because before it would just turn off while driving down the road, and would start back up after cranking it a few times. ...
does anyone have a turbo problem
put a new steering gear box and track bar on and checked tie rod ends nothing have 7 to 8 inches of play still
trying to replace watter pump on a geo metro 94, and I can not break the main pulley bolt loose. Need to know if it is a right or left hand thread
The problem is the turn signal on the passenger side it is blown.
I csn not break the main pully bolt loose. Trying to replace the watter pump.