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battery dies but battery & altenator test good both are new what else can cause this problem
I put an abs rear wheel bearing on my car my car doesnt have abs will this hurt my car are does it matter it seems to work will this affect my car in any way
The Speedometer went out completely. At first I notice it would stick around 65-70 miles an hour and now it is completely not working. What needs to be done to fix problem?
Replaced starter. Starter spins but does not turnover engine.Had starter tested-ok. Flywheel has no damage or marks.
I just purchased a 2000 Buick Regal from a auction. It did not have keys,so i got it towed home. What should be the first thing i do? The car has not be driven in 8 months. The sunroof was open and there is water dama...
Do you have to pull the dash out to fix the heatercare?
how much should it cost to replace a electronic shift control on my 1992 325i bmw
how many quarts need transmission fluid
where is the fuse box
the shift box wont ligth up
My 2005 VW new beetle convertible - passenger rear window won't come up - made a lot of noise and only came half way up - I got it to go back down, but won't come up- I can hear motor running when I push button
stored my car over the winter, now I can't get the battery to even have enough juice to release the front hood, so that I can fully charge the car battery. I tried utilizing the fuse box, red (positive connector) an...
If I leave my 2008 Toyota Tundra parked for more than three days, the battery is dead. Mechanic told me that there is a draw on battery, but doesn't know where. Anyone else have this problem and how to fix it.
spits sputters runs like #$*$