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Gas tank always reads "FULL". What is the problem and what is the cost to fix it?
2002 tacoma 5 speed. engin shuts off when i let off the gas after high rpm. some times it dosent want to come back on unless i hold the gas down. now it wont stay idle unless i press peddle. what do i do?
Trying to figure ways to test the fuel pump gauge. It falls in front off the full icon and doesnt move at all Doesnt twitch apon start up,,,nothing. Is there a relay? Not fuse I that I know of.. Fuel pump assembly may...
I bought a clutch kit and it had the pilot bushing in it but their was no old pilot bushing in the truck. Do I need to install the new pilot bushing that came with the kit or is the kit made to fit different models a...
Every time I sign in and put in all the necessary info, all I get is the sign-in page again. I am registered! How do I submit the problem I have and get an answer???
fog light bulb burned out
The gas guage always reads "Full". What's the problem and cost to repair?
After changing ny motor oil and filter, I left ny parking brake on but on level ground overnight. The next day, I disengaged the parking brake and when I strated ny GT, the Traction Control and ABS lights cane on and ...
when does timing belt on 2001 lexus rx300 need to be changed
when i accelerate the during driving the car jumps a little. it does the same thing in reverse and also when i put it in gear while preparing for takeoff. i hope my transmission is not jumping or slipping i dont know ...
the auto matic tilt of the steering wheel & the deck is not working
emission system leak
Where to i get and how do i replace my liscense plate bulbs
The floors boards mainly on the passager side are always wet. Can't see where water is getting in.
My car started losing power --All brought to autozone they charged battery for 2 hrs said was no good I bought a neww one sensor light still says battery no charge car started then started losing power again to no e...