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my 2003 venture fuel gauge stopped working it reads fuel when its not and sometimes goes to empty how can i fix this and what do i need?
sifter won't shift out of park. does it occassionally. Replaced shifter abd brake switch. dealer cannot find problem.
I know they're over, any special precautions?
Evening, I was driving my 95 Lumina APV yesterday & had thought I had the check engine light problem solved with replacing the vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator. I pulled the ECM fuse put it back in drove h...
I want to change the power assisted unit on my brakes. How difficult is that task?
My radio fuse keeps blowing the second it is replaced. How do I fix this?
what screws need removed to get out radio
Whenever I accelerate passed 30 mph my car shakes. What could be the cause of the shaking.
Ok I will be purchasing a car tommorow as-is for 400$ it currently runs but was told this is wrong with it. Altenator is bad, Battery is too small for car, under the hood theirs a thing that needs a cap, The taillight...
my car will not start there is no compression and no spark in the plugs
Was told the evap system part number 52100468AG needed to be replaced. Looking to find out instructions on replacing this part.
no forward gears
my steering is realy stiff and hard to turn ive already changed the power steering pump and rackinpinion and still having same problem can somone help me