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Worked fine last summer, had a few warm days last week and just seems to blow recycley cold air thanks Pat
Why is my ABS light on?
i cant locate the fuel injector motor to replace it
I have a 2003 nissan maxima when i turn the car off i smell rubber. could that be the serpentine belt needing to be replace? and were is it on the engine?
whaere is the fuel fiter at on a 2001 sonoma
I have a 2000 Kia Sportage Ex and I was told there was a recall regarding this problem. Now my mechanic says I need a new tank with everything. How much will this cost? Is it covered in the recall? Should I just b...
After driving the car for 30 minutes or so it will not shift out of gear as you slow down for a stop and stalls out. Have to shift into neutral to keep engine running. If I shift back into drive while stopped t will s...
when sould my timing belt be changed
Just bought a 2000 C70 where can I find items that the factory extended the warranty on.
my truck lost power then picked back up a mile later i parked it now it wont start
neither one of my driver side windows work we put a new motor and regulater in the front but still nothing and we have also tried 3 different switchs
Does this have to do with the Turbo?
I do not get quick acceleration, it tends to stagger and I have to let up off the gas pedel and slowly accelerate or other wise it just hesitates. It acts as though it is stuck in one gear until drive kicks in and the...
my 2007 honda odyssey has lost all the hydraullics - I can open but need to start lifting weights. First is this a warranty item? Second, what would cause this? And third, what do i need to do to fix it?
I need to replace the fan belt for the a/c on my 1997 Lhs is there any tricks to this ?