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q?window does not raise un fortunatly not near repaire shop can the winow be raised until ican get to shop fear of rain or theft
My 93 K1500 blazer made a loud popping noise and would not move in drive however it will still operate in all of the other gears is this a linkage problem and if so any suggestions on repair I am very mechanically inc...
Where is the fuse to the driver side window want to check that before checking if its the switch
which way to loosen the homonica to pull out the fan
The alternator belt is squealing, did tighten the alternator but the belt is worn in spots and needs to be replaced, but I'm not sure what the steps are to replace this belt.
which way to loosen pully to pull out water pump
how to pull out the water pump
I have a 2003 ford focus and was wondering around how much it would cost to have the intake manifold gaskets replaced
my front left (drivers side )brake keeps locking up.i've changed the caliper twice and it hasn't started after i had my main brake line replaced on the front.does anyone have a clue as to what may be causing...
I just realized yesterday on my Yukon Denali 2003 that A/C in the front is cold but the rear blowing Warm or sometimes hot air. For 2-3 minutes it blows cold air in the back then back to heat or natural air. Any reaso...
where is it located and what is the difference of a two prong and three prong speed sensor for the same car
Drivers window wont go up all the way - sometimes won't go up at all
My Odyssey 2005, I have noticed my 5th times when changing oil & filter, the drained oil only collected at around 3.5 quarts. At one time there was only at 3 quarts. I do my oil every 5-6k miles. I have no leak oil...
The air conditioner on my 2001 300M will on occassion blow warm to luke cold air. The compressor has been changed