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My Milan has 28,000 miles and the rear brakes need to be replaced. The front brakes are fine. Is there any issues with the 2008 Milan that would cause the rear brakes to wear out at 28,000 miles?
heater core leaking ,how to replace it
Two months after purchasing Ford Expedition 2010 EL Limited I started to would feel several "jolts" "thumps?" before the car makes a full stop. Hope to have some input from you guys before I go to the dealership.
My wife has ran the fuel tank dry. Is there anyway to reprime the system and/or reset the computer to get the vehicle running myself, without having to take it to the dealership? I am very mechanically inclined. Howev...
Steering wheel feel lose and back end of the car also feels like it is lose
what would cause vibration in the first gear of an automatic
I replaced the front pads and the rear shoes and both wheel cylenders. I gravity bled them then preasure bled the system and still have no peddal. The master pumps fluid when the cover is off so what am I doing wrong.
my honda accord v6 power not working for my car..the power to my stero is not working and the smoke plug is also not working i check all the power wire and it still working so i dont noee what wrong with do you...
how much will it cost to fix my passenger window power because my regulator and motor is not working right. my window doesnt move when i operate it
Where is my low pressure recharge port?
where is located the crank sensor
When it rains my 1993 Ford Aerostar wont crank the starter will turn over but it wont crank.When its dry it cranks fine.Can you help?
Wipers opperate, however they either slap the windsheild seal gasket or dont make it all the way to the seated positon when turned off. When this happens, the wipers seem to struggle to get across the glass, especiall...
how much does it cost to replace a fuel pump
this idiot shorted out my lighter by sticking a screwdriver down in it and apparently it also shorted my cruise control as well. All the fuses are numbered but it says "see owners manu.". don't have one. can anyone ...