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what could be wrong with my 1997 toyota camry it runs rough and idles rough and pours white smoke out of the tailpipe. i have already replaced the spark plugs and the tps sensor.
We frequently have a musty or nest smell when using the blower
Coming from the firewall to the engine.......does the hose connecting heater core to engine bay, is this a vent or does this hose route back to the engine or heater control valve? I cant find what or where connects to...
Got in my car ,put on seat belt but it would not catch or LATCH,the RED PRESS button is depressed or down as if there is no spring. Never experience a precursor. Could some debris have fallen in it? Thanks.
it happens all the time, it was leaking into the front valve cover seal, fixed that lasted three hours checked oil and it was bone dry. Oil is covering the under belly of the car and fram starting from the end of the...
tracking light stay on all the time
Took to autozone code P0551 power steering pressure switch. Car seems to run fine without steering problem. What should I do?
I am a woman and I don't know how I can check all fluids levels. I can see a few of different caps but I haven't clue for what fluid. Can I get some picture anywhere with description all caps?
Key has to be played with, get a clicking noise in dash, 2 to 60 time before starting, once it starts it is good for rest of day!?
on exceleration and left turns my horn honks, can't seem to find the problem
I recently went to get my oil changed at a dealer and they told me that I need to have my right control arm fixed. How do I know if there is really anything really wrong with it or if they are trying to make $500.00?
Making a noise when turning the stearing wheel
where is cabin air filter located. Is it difficult to change?
vibration at speed over 60 mph