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how to change lower ball joint its a 4x4
i dont know how to get the ones behind the engine
i have honda accord everything is working good except AC there is not power the compressor whan i gave the power the compressor working it works good
no code 4times in the last month. Engine cranks but does not fire. Wait couple min. try again. 2-3 times. then starts up no problem
Changed the distribtir cap and rotor on a 1972 BMW Bavaria and not won't run. Where is #1 cylinder on the cap?
Two years ago I took my car to the shop when the engine light (solid light not flashing) came on and it was suppose to have been repaired. Well, this light has came back on again at 123,000 miles. Not sure of what co...
My check engine light is on I took it two years ago to the dealership who repaired it. Well, now it is back on not sure what could be going on with it.
I have a 5 speed manual transmission and when I put the car into 2nd and 3rd gear I step on the accelerator and I can hear the engine revving but it takes a good 2-3 seconds to start going. And forget flooring the acc...
is ther a manual for my 1999 528 i bmw wagon
just finished brake job on my truck what a pain. now the abs light is on, is there a way to diagnose the problem using a multimeter? Most local shops dont carry a abs scanner that dont want to charge an arm and a leg...
I was driving down the road and my STOP ENGINE OLI PRESSURE LOW came flasjing on. I checked and I'm totally full. Actually just had it changed. What could this mean??
My temp gauge stays on cold all the time. I do have coolant and the heater works but the van does not overheat. Could it be a sensor. My check engine light is on.
how much would a shop/dealer charge to have the front sock changed labor /parts and aliment ?