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Its a 1994 honda civic 2 door car will not start has no fire.The ecu fuse is hot under the hood.
Can someone please tell me the location of Emergency Flasher Relay and Location of the Turn Signal Relay for Audi A6 1996 Quattro? Thank you.
how can i install a new power window switch? my drivers side window and passanger will not work from the drivers side.
car hesitate and lack of power, check engine IS NOT on. scanner shows p0401 code. If there is a problem with EGR system, would it feel like your transmission going out?
What years will the automatic trans 4x4 fit on my 1992 Ford F-150 4x4 5.0L. If you could give me a reference to a site, that would be fine too. Thanks for your time!!!
having trouble replacing left blinker bulb.
has any one had to replace the engine because of the timing belt
which color wire is the back up light
while in idle there is a knocking or ticking sound
Upon start up and their is no ABS when I apply a hard brake stop application. I have already checked fuses and relays for ABS module. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Thanks In Advance Raj2010
I have a new 2009 mazda 6 S grand touring after about 2 months I started to hear a rattling noise coming from the front end ,not sure if it's coming from the engine on light acceleration. I took it to two different sh...
my 2007 acura tl doesn't downshift smoothly when using automatic transmission, it seems to be a little jerky, is this normal.
Window on driver side of my 2 door is stuck in the down position. The passenger switch on the same door works fine. The auto button is the one that isn't working. Is it the switch or more deep into the motor?
My turn signal went out. First it was flashing fast, then nothing. I changed the bulb only to have it almost burn out immediately.