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when i try to start the car, it seems to take a few seconds for the engine to ignight. also, when i am stopped at a light, the car seems to do a sort of jerk, almost like it is accelerating.
what is axel nut size for mercedes 1990 300E rear, tried 32mm but didnt work. Thank you
I have been taking our cars to the same mechanic for about 17 yrs. My AC stopped working and they say the compressor needs replaced. They did say they would also replace the AC drier as well. The estimate for parts...
ABS light is on, brakes have about 40k on them and seem fine. any ideas?
transmission has code fluid temp sensor inop. Trans. will not shift properly the car will not gain speed and looses speed on inclines
on a 98.5 24 valve is the firing order 153624 and if so which is number 1 2 3 4 5 6 on the block
parking brake release will not release brake
Idle goes up and down then levels out at the stop light specially when a/c is on or fan on.also my air pump or egr valve comes on for few mins then goes off is this normal.
diagnostic code p0325 and p0440
Does AWD or 4WD help length the life of tires versus FWD or RWD? Even with AWD, a car's wheels sometimes spin on snow or ice, but overall is an AWD easier on the tires?
I recenly bought aMazda MPV,2001 but there is a problem with the engin,hope is not that serious;the engin is jerking(hope that the right word to discribe the problem) any ways is like if the engin is running out of ga...
how can i replace the fuel filter
My 2005 town&country seems to surge between 35-50 mph. has a little stumble when leaving light stop sign etc. There is no check engine light on
my taurus runs bad at slow speeds
transmitter opens doors but will not open trunk. batteries are brand new. hear low click in or under glove box. any ideas? bought car new in 2000 and it's running good. thanks for any help.