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my power locks just jammed on me, they say its the latch that has to be fixed. How much should i be charged?
My 95 Grand Prix recently boiled over. I have flushed the radiator, replaced the water pump, thermostat(195), fan control sensor, and temp gauge sensor. The gauge reads approx 220-250 degrees, but never boils over. Al...
on sat mar 27,2010 the upper hose on my mazda mpv (1995) 4wheel burst ireplaced the hose and antifrezz and it still wont start iknow its electric i just dont know were
Problem #1: A short time after the van is on the road the "check traction control" warning light will come on. Often when this happens the Cruise Control will only work intermitently and the rear AC will not work. P...
when i apply brakes, steering wheel shakes. Does this mean i need new brakes??? Thanks
I was told that my was proably a little clogged or one of my O2 sensors has went bad. Where they located in my car?
2005 Honda Accord Radio turns and off by itself and intermittently operates. panel light for radio and cd player will not illuminate
How much does a replacement starter typically cost for this make and model car?
My steering wheel shakes a speed lower than 45 and we I put on brakes. I have 170000 miles. What could be causing this problem
About 4 months ago my 2004 Kia Optima stating intermittantly overheating while driving. It did, however, blew a head gasket and radiator several weeks after that. The dealership repair the engire and replaced the ra...
I need a diagram for the drive belt for a 2007 pontiac grand prix. I have already checked under the hood with no luck.
How do i replace the brake pads and rotor
When I step on the brakes or slow down my steering wheel vibrates. This happens all the time everyday. Do I need to check brake pads?
If your thermostat needs to be hanged how would u know for sure? Do you need to replace the housing?, And what does this mean:A/C interferes add, PS interferes add??? also "flywheel resurface(cert) mean??