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How do I remove the tie rod?
Does a ABS Sensor Hub Wheel Bearing has be brought through a dealership or can it be purchase through a auto part store like auto zone
how you replace a alternator on a 1990 honda prelude
I had a low battery, had to jump start my car to drive it to a mechanic. After a battery replement, the seat controls, window controls and door locks did not work. Other electrical parts continued to work - such as w...
Bought this used last week with warranty. Drove it 3 days noticed hesitation and rough idle. Took it to dealer on Monday. Mechanic still has not been able to diagnose cause. Tried new plugs, wires, switched coils arou...
THE light for fuel tank,come up when the key is installed then when the car is started the light this a problem
My mustang keeps overheating,I've changed the water pump.
Help! My onboard monitor is frozen at the home screen! I cannot do anything or open any menus. The screen is completely frozen. No navigation, CD player, radio, nothing.
I had the transmission replaced on my 2000 Exterra but when the car is in drive, it will not shift. what could be the problem?
My trans is in Limp Home Mode. Fluid is good. What would be the next thing to check? Thanks
Is there a bulb anywhere you can change so that the volume controls for radio, cruise control, etc. can light up?
it seems to me a car four cyl like burning too much gas, only 75000. What measure repair my kia rio need now. i do not know nothing about car repair. Thanks!
My turn signal wont work i have changed the bulb and still nothing can anyone help me out on what the problem is
how do I find and fix the electronic throttle control?
location of coolant temp sender on a 2002 ford ranger 2.3 4cyl?