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I had a waterpump replaced recently on a chrysler lhs 94 and the first time the mechanic mistimed it by 2 inches,and it wouldnt start, and he finally timed it close enough that it started. The same day after leaving t...
Service engine soon light message displayed on dashboard
the data i have for trouble shooting is TEST ID $CB Componebt ID $00 Min 0 MAx 50 test value 3214 test results fail
car starts and goes a ways and then stops. Turns over but doesn't start. Leave it sit for a day or so then try it again and it fires up and goes maybe just a block or 2 and then quits. Other times it goes farther l...
Just got a 2005 es330 and both rear windows are inop. Tested function thru master and actual door switches. No noise heard. Tap tested motors. Checked child saftey locks. no change. Is there a possiblity of module err...
My Brakes keep locking up. Changed the pads, caliper, bleed the brakes..with the anti lock brake is there something else that needs to be checked.
when driving the car it makes a rattling noise in the rear of the car
can i replce altenator and belt myself?
new battery still not charging battery light still on car runs
I've just had a steering column put in,got the keys changed and security chips matched up,when i turn the key so that all power is on right before i try to start it the distributor makes sort of a buzzing sound. then ...
top of the injection pump where the lines go in leaks fuel.i would like to no if theres o rings.and if i can change them my self.
driver's side mirror is cracked. Can the mirror only be relaced without having to replace the entire mechanism/housing?
what stopping my transmission for shifting into overdrive
I have been trying to get the radiator out FOREVER. Can anyone explain what needs to come out/off and what doesn't. I would be very grateful!
is 90K miles an accurate gague of belt life