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I changed my lights when i realized my low beams didnt work, checked fuses, all other electrical functions work, the high beams even work! what do i have to do???
engine cranks but does not start,i have no spark at the coil
Where is the bank 1 sensor 1 located on this vehicle?
we know the map sensor is bad we ned to see pic to kow where it is to replace
A friend borrowed my 84 Dodge Dakota V-6 4x4 and broke the key off in the ignition (he was trying to put it in upside down, I need smarter friends). I have the replacement part but have no clue how to remove the broke...
Need to get our liftgate open and the handle won't do it. How can we get it open?
just trying to replace a brake light. got two screwas off but i cant get the cover off can i get any help
how to change trunk lift support.could be called trunk shock.
Truck lid will not screw down ---it latches but will not close completely .help!!!!
the crank will not turn but 1/3 of the way and there is no forceing it
Is this an easy thing for a novice to replace on my own? If so where is it located?
i need a heater core for 1960 tbird with a/c. and a 352ci do you know anywhere i can get one?
my car is in park cannot move it out of park
my 60 tbird, hard top, 352ci, with a/c needs a heater core. the a/c feature requires that the replacement core be EXACTLY the same configuration as the original. my car is torn apart until i can find a core. thank...
The windows go down but when you push the uo button it goes up about a quarter to half inch. If you wait a little while it will do the same thing. Can I fix this or do I have to replace the motors?