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can broken motor mounts cause my car 2 jerk and sput when given gas or climbing a hill?
any time the accellorator is not engaged the car dies, like at corners or stop sign. Also on the dash "SSS" is showing. Is it a fuel issue or engine?
where can I find a wiring diagram?
My son car was fine earlier in the day. later that day he went to go somewhere and the car wouldn't come out of park.
While I was driving my truck the engine stops and lost all power. Put truck on neutral and turned keys off and on, and engine started normally, it happen in a few occasions.
the problem occured after i located some broken wires to the gear shift solenoid.I repaired these wire's to the plug ond reconnected it to the gear shift and that,s when the problem started.the original problem was th...
the convertible top fabric has come loose from the back window across the bottom how can i fix it glue?
the odometer stop working. what cause it to stop? how do you fix it. the odometer just stop and resetting the trip meterdidnt help. need quick answer.
key is stuck in ignition,how do i get it out?
My G35 AC auto turn on and I couldn't turn it off. All the control light went off. The AC goes to MAX. Any idea?
My car cuts off when i put it in gear but it barely wants to start but does when you hit the gas so how do i fix it???
when i turn on my cruise control the light says it is on but it is not working
I hear the rattling noise when I start to accelerate, and continues to make the noise even at high speeds. This problem just started yesterday. It sounds like something is bouncing around in there, but can't find th...
The transmission started slipping.
Is it difficult to change the oil pan gasket without having it serviced by a Mercedes Dealer ?