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My 92 TC has 75000 miles and I am the second owner. The motor will race when I am (example) coasting up to a red light that turns green and I resume acceleration. When this happens I take my foot of the accelerator...
where the banjo bolt is on injector pump and fuel canister and the 3,4,5 cylinders to bleed fuel lines...maybe called the bleed screw...thanks steve
the driver side floor mat had fluid on and under it where can this be leaking from?
i have a ford explorer with the 4.0 liter motor but i have a problem it all started when my transmission broke then got new trany as soon as they finish instaling the new trany the mecanic was going to test drive the ...
water inside the headlight housing. Is there a seal that needs to de replaced?
The message light has been on for a day or two. Will replacing the EGR valve fix it?
P0031 code? I have the code id, now I would like to know how to test the H02 sensor and what the pinning of the sensor is. Any diagrams with wire colours and pinning would be great.. Thanks
Hello, On Wednesday. My car got dented. I brought it to the shop and it had drivers side door damage the gas tank was damaged the hood was damaged. I was wondering how much would it cost for this to be replaced? ...
i just want to know about how much will a head gasket cost
I would like to change the spark plugs on my car, and was wondering what I need to do to get access to the rear three plugs. What will I need to disassemle,what gaskets will I need to replace if any and what brand,typ...
Two weeks ago, my honda stalled while driving. Would not move at all. I turned it off, and then on and worked fine. Took it to the shop.Couldnt find nothing wrong. Now while driving to MD, from Ny. Same thing car stal...
Will not start after the crank sensor gets hot.
how much will labor cost to put in a new motor one in the truck locked up got hole other motor without components
when cornering my tires have started to jerk as though they are not aligned.When on the road they seem to be fine.
Repairpal doesn't give me an estimate on replacement of an intake manifold. How much would it cost?