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when ever I try to fill my car with gas the pump keeps click off
Unable to get better then 16-17 mi per gal, city or high way, even with proper tune up. Is this common?
lately it has not been giving off warm air, sometimes after driving for an extended time period it will be slightly warm, but cools off when the fan is run.
shops to avoil in Tucson
What's the approx cost parts & labor to remove and install a serpentine belt tensioner.
replacing rear brake pads can't seem to turn the caliper in far enough to fit over mthe new pads.any suggestions?
Is the a way to make sure the turbo on a 2000 c70 is bad?
just bought the car had it 4 days and whaite smoke started coming from tail pipe someone said it was the turbo is there a way of testing the turbo is see if its bad? I am disabled and on social security I am starting ...
Brake light came on , checked resevoir. Very Low. Refilled. Two weeks later same thing.. Haven't noticed puddles anywhere... What needs to be fixed?
when i turn on the air condition antifreeze starts to run inside the cab of the truck.this also causes my truck to run hot.
the interior dashboard air conditioner lights remains lit in the off position. The air conditioner cannot be turned on .
when i turn on the air condition are heater antifreeze runs in the inside of the cab.this also causes my engine to run hot.
how come my brake lights work but not my tail lights dont work on my 1992 nissan sentra?
do a 2.5 have a cam senor if so were is lodated
need to replace alternator