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Chevy Cobalt side view glass.
How many sparks plugs on this vehicle, and where are they located????
driver side door want open from inside or outside
My daughter's 98 Bug has automatic windows that will arbitrarily go down on their own. It happens when she is driving as well as when the car is parked and the engine is off. When this happens, it is always both windo...
Trying to figure out the most common reasons my car would run hot.
The timing belt went out on the 2.0 4 cylinder 2001 Dodge Neon. When that happens does this bend the valves?
the fuel injectors have a positive on both sides. what could it be
i have a 97 concorde.engine codes po175 rt bank fuel system rich.po172 fuel system rich and 74 calculated oil temp in can i pinpoint the problem on the fuel rail?the shop wants 60 an hr and cant give an estima...
I have been told that the bearings in this 86 Nissan 4x4 are overheating after a long drive. Been told $1400 to $1600 in repairs. I am sure almost all of that is labor and seemed a little high. Please let me know w...
I want to know what kind of expense to figure on replacing on engine
My tuck is overheating. I did have to put 1 gal of fluid back in the radiator and overflow tank, however still overheating. There are no visible leaks. Does this indicate a thermostat problem?
Can a vehicle receive " minor damage " and have a bent frame rail, whats the cost to replace
my dodge intrepid started 4 weeks ago not starting after 2 or three cranks and it started getting worse then it would be more cranks and sometimes it would start right up first crank someone told me a crank sensor if ...
Hi I need help, the multinfuction steering wheel stop working. What I have to do?
I need to get my radio code and i dont really feel like taking it to the dealer for them to just rip me off. I have my serial number and my vin. can anyone help me?