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on my 2003 sequoia, the back latch to manually lift the back door has rusted--and broke. what parts do i need or where can i get it fixed?
where is cabin air filter location in 1998 sienna
usually happens when the car has been sitting for awhile, like overnight or at work all day. starts right up i can put it into gear, any gear, but it will not move. then all of a sudden it jerks and goes.
Just today, I tried to start my Jeep but could not turn the key. Not at all. Steering wheel not locked, tried that already. Any thoughts?
When I turn my car on, the radio doesn't work, the steering wheel will go up and down (as If I turn my car on and off) while driving, front panel controls don't work, and lighting in cabin will turn on and off (like i...
Ok I own a 94 De Ville concours and I've had it for about little over a year now and it ran pretty ok, about 2 weeks ago it started making a clacking noise coming from the driver's side rear it doesnt make ...
The past few weeks I've been having idling issues. When I'm stopped at a light, the car at times idles low at around 800 rpms, then can jump to 1200 rpms. This morning at a light, it dropped to about 400 and was sha...
Any idea what could be wrong with my backup lights? Ive checked the bulbs and the fuses and everything seems to be fine.
I was having problems shifting gears. I was told that it was probably my slave cylinder. But now the gears are shifting okay, but there seems to be no power. the engine revs. at high rpms and the truck is really d...
The rear wiper broke on my 2008 aveo does anyone know how to replace. hAVE no warranty.
What causes a 2001 MAZDA B4000 4X4 Standard Transmission not to shift into any gears?
What is the procedure to adjust the rear brakes and the parking brake lever correctly on my Dodge Caliber SXT? Thanks
my car has been giving me trouble. i tried putting freon in there at first that would work but then that stopped working. i need to know if its a leak or if its my compressor either way how do i fix it?
This started to happen two days ago. The car will sometimes start up fine and in about a minute a horrible squeaking sound starts. It is very high-pitched and a little embarrasing. It goes on and off. It will pass...
scan tool show mis fire, replaced plugs and swap coil for the cyl that is missing, clear code and engine will still mis with no code, then after a few minutes the engine mis for other cyls comes on, can anyone help.