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I have a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier and everytime i turn the car off the day time headlights wont go out. I then have to unhook the battery every time I turn off the car. If anybody knows how to fix this problem or how m...
my chick engine light is keep coming on and off i check it out and it is crankshaft position sensor
My service tech said my battery is not charging due to short drive times and low MPH avg. I charge battery to 100% w/charger and it still will go dead over 3 days. I get the feeling there is an electrical drain via th...
When pulling off at a redlight the car stall and cutback before taking off. When it cutback it not a smooth transitions it seems as if it is going to cutoff but it keeps running.
service engine light is ON ...??
oil capacity for oil change
What is the cost to Repair or Replace the engine in a 1998 Mazda 626? I believe the oil ran out of it and it seized up the engine.
my SRS light wont go off.What does SRS stand for?
The ac is losing its charge, cooling is minimal. The information on refrigerant to use under the hood recommends R-22 or equivalent. I thought all automotive was 12 and then changed to 134a. I know the oils are not co...
What oil viscosity is recommended for my girlfriend's 2001 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 V6?
My car was in car wash the attendent left my car in drive it hit hitch on truck in front of it put 2 rips in bumper and put crack in grill part of bumper can you give me estimate of what it would cost to fix. Thank you
cost of brake overhaul service
I have a problem with my S40 i have this car for 3 yrs and there is 137,000 miles on it, recently i have a noise inside the car like an aeroplane when driving the car, also there is a vibrating coming through the clut...
how do i access plugs against fire wall
when driving there is a surging in power & buck hores motoin. spit and sputters. sounds like engine dies but dont. as i come to complete stop it surges in power then idles low and rough. sometimes dies but starts back...