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need to know where the power steering switch located
i want to know why my fuel light comes on when i have a full tank and my needle goes up and down as i drive and when i am at a stop or parked ?
I need some info on how to repair a check engine code p1259 manufacturer control fuel air metering
I have a p0171 code system to lean blank1. I need to know where the maf (mass air flow) sensor is located in this car.
cranks/no start. i have ignition, compression, and fuel. i can start it off a can of brake clean and it will run. but when i put the air cleaner to the throttle body it dies. ive changed the tps and the iac
start up even when stepping on gas pedal hard
I have a 2007 chevy 1500 I change the alternator and the red light went out but turn back on within 5 minutes and it has not gone off I disconnected the black cable to reset but it did not work. What can it be?
i replaced my ignition and after i did that the car still would't start so i bought a battary, and yet still wouldn't start so i had my brother witch is a mechanic look at it he put gas in one of the hoeses and it wou...
I can't lock, or unlock vehicle with remote. The panic button on remote does nothing either. I changed batteries in both remotes, nether one works. Also,the power window, and door locks on passenger side are in-operat...
the gauage reads close to the 2nd m on the word mormal on the gauage, when the engine is will get almost close too the line on the high side of the ( mormal running temp ) next too the hot and then the fan ...
I made the mistake of thinking my 1993 Mercedes 300SE had manually folding mirrors. Pushed it in to clean the insides and will not pull back out (tried the switch - just clicks but won't budge even with a few taps). ...
a man cleared the code a few days later it came back he didnt know what the code ment
abs light is on and is stopping when i come to a complet stop what does this mean? i have put it in the shop twice I NEED HELP
The engine dies when I come to a complete stop. It will start up immediately.