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Have had starter rebuilt, putback on truck, it started once. When trying to start, batteries full charge, the starter justs CLICKS will not crank. Got a pull start and it cranked right up, ran great. Shut it off,...
I slid on ice and knocked a curb going about 10 mph with my front right passenger tire, and the back left passenger tire (I spun). It knocked the car slightly out of alignment (steering wheel turns to the left) and th...
how do you take them off to replace?
Car will start but will not idle, will run as long as it is above 700 to 800 rpm
when I attempt to start car it makes a click and I lose all power if I undo the neg. battery connection and reconnect power is returned but will not start and clicks again withj loss of, lights, door bu...
How much do you charge for labor by the hour?
Idle too high all the time
I replaced the water coolant but i had to take out the battery to replace it. i replaced the coolant and know my car wont start why.
Normally the car runs just fine but occasionally it will die repeatedly after cranking. It might go a month without any problem, then out of the blue it will start then die upon acceleration.
How much to replace the rear oil seal?
i have had the truck for about a year and the differential is wet, in what pattern to i put the bolts back in?
i got the parts.How much will cost replace the timing belt, and 2 seals,only. Thank you.
i need step by step instruction on how to change a rear window motor
Hi, My friend got a 2003 Audi Allroad and recently replaced the air shock. His symptom is the air shock light will suddenly show blinking while driving. The light has four levels. Usually he drove at 2nd level (from...