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i have a 1989 firebird formula 5.0 with manual trans and i believe problem is with anti theft module i need to know location and if any pictures or color coding if available please my e-mail address is simmonscorey@ro...
There is anti-freeze leaking from fire wall area. Its leaking from a fitting is there a drain to drain leaking fluid??
We had a transmission leak that we fixed. It was a hose that had a loose clamp. Now, it won't shift correctly. It does better than before, but it still won't shift right. When you put it in D, it sounds as though the ...
I overloaded my phone book and need to delete the entire book and start again
have recently purchased a 1999 3500 chevrolet truck... previous owner noticed coolant leaking from bottom area of the inlet manifold. He had purchased a gasket set. I noticed that the engine coolant looked green (no...
What could be wrong with my car if it's making a ringing-like noise under the hood? I haven't noticed a patern of when it does this, but it starts when the car is started and doesn't stop until the car is turned off a...
My brake lights aren't working, and I wanted to check the fuses, but there is no book or diagram with the car; purchased used
I need a diagram for the serpentine belt on a 1996 Ford Econoline
The instrument cluster on my truck has been power cycling at random. It seems like a wiring harness is loose causing it to disconnect and reconnect. It can be off when I start the truck and as I drive (sometimes right...
my car is taking a while to accelerate and the transmission failsafe program light went.what does this mean and how do i fix this problem.
When the battery was changed on my car, the radio now requires a "code" and will not work without it. Also, the windows will not operate as "one touch". I don't have a manual so I cannot program myself. Need help!
I've been switching out my headlights now once per month. What's causing them to burn out so fast?
Whenever I go to fill my tank, it only reads 3/4 full. What is causing it?
can the timing chain skip and cause the engine to die when driving down the road