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my catera does not start. It turns over but either is not firing or there is no fuel. How best to test and where to find diagram of fuel pump removal and replace
my cooling fan will not come on i have replaced the temperature sensor and the two wire harness and the cooling fan itself i have also checked all fuses and relays what do i do next?
Just want to replace the fuel filter and don't know where it is.
I just bought a 94 honda passport, and took it to jiffy lube to have oil changed. I'm not sure if it was before or after but the oil pressure runs at nearly 0 at idle and about 35 while driving.. I then proceeded to ...
i can be driving down the road and it just shuts off, i can sometimes restart it but lately it's been taking a few tries. We Replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotator and now it just does not start! What c...
i replaced the master and slave cylinder about 2 weeks ago iv been trying to bleed it right for along time i cant get it to work right i can get it to work if i pump it for about 1 minute be for i drive it then it wil...
How do i know if it's bearings? Car is shaking badly constantly. What all could be causing this?
Looking for the least expensive cost of the above alternator
replace fuel pump relay on 2001 acura cl v6
I am trying to locate the neutral safety switch, noone seems to know or be able to tell me. Thanks
seems I have to pull the distributor to do this.....any suggestion?........thanks
How do I change my AC Compressor on my 2000 Ford Taurus myself. I will be recharging the system professionally after it is installed.
where can i find a step by step diagram to change out the starter......
truck will not stay running. turn over, fire up, die. several times until it stays running. changed battery, and some sensors.