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Car starts, i put foot on brake but cant get the shift lever to move out of park. What can this be and how much to repair????
the battery was replaced in the car and hooked up backwards, and the car will not start now
When I press on the brakes the pedal feels soft,the car starts slowing down when the pedal is pressed about half way, is this normal?
When should I replace the timing belt
he best way of changing the ignition with out key
reasonable repair costs for replacement for timing belt,water pump,spark plugs,thermostat,radiator hoses,and serpintine belt all at the same time.
I originally had a kia sephia, which broke down. A friend of mine who is a mechanic let me take the dodge neon for 700, and considering I was low on funds, i took it. So now I'm trying to fix it up, because I know the...
On normal acceleration from stop the transmission sometimes clunks. Clunk varies from lite to moderate. Does not do it all the time. Has about 52,000 and changed fluid around 40K. Have about 3 months left on extende...
thie problem occurs after the car runs for a while. it is overheating, also.
Brake lights quit working turn signals are acting like bulbs are blown but when I replaced the bulbs they still don't work. Need some info on how to troubleshoot this problem
the PCS & engine light just came on last week in my 2003 Acura TL 3.2LT..what does the PCS light mean/stand for? i cant find my owners manuel, thx!
car hit me as i was coming out of parking lot. part of car surround wheel is caved in.
1st start of the day ,truck cranks healthy but wont start. let it sit 15 or 20 minutes then starts. pour fuel in the the carb and it runs off the fuel.i'm stumped. have changed the plugs,wires,cap and rotor,new coil a...
How can you tell if you have new u joints in your truck.
Hi, last summer just before I was going to put my 300ce mercedes-benz in storage I lost my reverse, it will not shift into reverse, froward works great. is their any way to fix this with out buying a rebuilt? the car ...