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My car was making a whining noise that would become higher in pitch the more the accelerator was depressed. My mechanic disconnected the AC and the sound went away. Summer's coming and I'd like my AC back, but what ne...
My Toyota dealership wants to charge me $2500 to clean and service the engine induction system. Isn't this just another term for air intake manifold?
old water pump was leaking so replaced it with new one. Now my new wter pump is leaking water from the bolt hole, bottom hose where it connects to water pump and tensioner is making noises off and on
why does my 2001 BMW 330Ci bmw loose power when I go over a rough bump in the road all dash light come on abs brake ect and car act like it is going to die. Then is is failing to start sometimes
How do I remove the front struts?
2000 audi s4 ? i started my car when it was raining, but had already driven it beforehand in the rain that day. anyway the car would turn over but had trouble getting it to stay on and idle. after that it would drive ...
I have a 1992 mustang that I have a problem with. I had the brakes worked on and now it won't come out of park. When I push on the brake pedal, the brake lights will not come on. And I believe that is what triggers...
I have gotten a transmission fault warning/message in my control messages screen. what does this mean? the dealer has not said anything about this since i've taken my car in the last few times.
I think the gears might be slpping revving between gear changing and jerking what will a service cost?
when applying brakes,found out no rear brake lights,also hazardous light will not work?
Pull head light switch and low beams don't work? Hit the high beams and they work fine? Put a new headlight switch and same results? Checked fuses on side of dash and under the hood. All was good. Did not see a fuse m...
The dashboard lights beginning with the day light goes off then back on within 20 seconds and sometimes does it again. It is random when it happens.
where is the electronic coolant temperature sensor located at. i think there two. found one cant find the second one.
i have 1999 acura tl its so hard to steer. and my power steering oil keeps leaking and i removed the hose thats connected to the oil cup thing and put it back on and its not that what do i do?