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I did recharge the refrigerant, check the pressure is OK. But only work for the back of the van, not in the front. What could be the problem.
is replacing my brake lines costly
My drivers side window only goes up or down 2 inches at a time and when you hitthe button again it will only go 2 more inches. You will have to do this to many times to raise or lower only the drivers window.
Is it difficult to unplug in order to check if it is stalling problem..thanks
How do you program your door locks to lock automatically when you put your car in gear
Hi, I have a 93 850ci that has problems with the fuel pump and after I replaced it the engine runs for a few seconds and after that it turns off. It seems like some electric relays are shutting off but I am not sure ...
Heater control valve leaks from where metal part enters valve only when A/C or Heater is activated inside passenger compartment.
how much does a oil cooler cost
The audio system quit until i turned off the igition for 30 minutes. The rear window goes down by itself. The electic running boards quit misteriously but start up after I turn off the igition. The doors will not o...
my 09 aspen uses about 1 qt of oil between oil changes i have only 36000. on the motor i was told by a service tech that the 4.7 liter uses oil?
i would like to know an price of a head job on a 1995 honda civic 1.5 liter
how do you replace starter
what type of batteries should i buy
this happens only in the mornings, the car starts find but once on the street, when I come to a complete stop it will stall. Then it takes a few minutes to start again, once started again, it will idle low like it wan...
Where does the control feed come from