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were do you find the pvc valve on a 94 ford escort?? and how do u replace it is it a easy job?
i want to buy an 1999 audi a6 but the owner says their is a problem with the shift linkage and i wanted to know how much or is it worth being fixed?
I have had my intake replaced, when the motor was open,i could see the head holes. When the intake was replaced should their had been anything done to the head,as far as applying a sealant to it? should the bolts been...
My car a lot of the time now does not want to go into gear from park. I have to do what the manual says to do for this problem. Any suggedtions what may be causing this or how ro repair.
How do I remove the panel and whatever else to get to the driver's door window motor?
I have tried block seal liquid. it will work for an hour or so then the car will over heat again. Is their any block sealer that works? If so whcih one do you recomend?
p0304 and transmission not reserve
cannot find the starter solenoid on our 1999 jeep cherokee, and help?
hello all! i am getting ready to purchase a used BMW '97 528i. the seller is asking $4500 however there are several red flags that make me feel as though the price should be less: 1 passenger window regulator 2 ho...
I have a 2003 k3500 chev truck does it have an an in cabin air filter and where is it loacted
Car has 82,500 miles. Car failed state inspection. Motor mounts loose or broken. Car dealer says all four motor mounts must be replaced in order for the car to pass state inspection. Car dealer says I need 3 engine mo...
How many quarts of oil does my car need?
It seems I'm not getting fuel.
problem star today
why is oil in the spark plug wells