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This has happened to me a couple times. Started the car this morning heading down the road and the engine reeved up instead of shifting into gear. Drove it all day yesterday without a problem. This happened a few mont...
the trunk don't pull down with the power
how much to repair the steering column?
I have a vacum leak on a 1998 lesabre,where could this be on the car.
While having my Rendezvous in to replace the rear wheel bearings I was told that I would also need to replace the rear springs because they were broken, what kind of cost would I be looking at.?
How to replace rear latch?
i think on 1995 BMW 525i won't start engine that anti Theft Radio is Locked i just remove radio Serial Number Back F40310216B can get code for radio this car Vin Number WBAHD5225GB77159 That battery gone dead did radi...
Recently had the thermostat replaced; now car runs for about 30-60+ seconds after car is turn off. Is this normal?
I just had the transmission rebuilt, and they are saying my idle is too high. It was fine before their work. Well, can I adjust the idle myself?
I bought my 2003 santa fe used have had it for three years still runs great. I Simply want to know when to replace my spark plugs,change transmisson fluid,and clean injectors. Should i use special plugs
cluster panel signs that it is going out have floting gauges and a hard shift?
the front driver side seat belt is not retracting. how do I remove?
I have no spark from Ing coil?
My steering went completely out. The steering wheel spins in circles and the tires do not turn. What could be the problem? How much to replace it?