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my engine is leaking quite a bit of oil, I would say 2 qrts. to a half a tank of gas. the leakage seems to be coming from the manifold and has just begun to overheat. Does this sound like the head gasket, and is it ve...
how do you replace the ac/heater fan control switch
What coolant do I charge my 1990 pathfinder with?
My power windows and sunroof quit working is it a relay or fuse if relay could someone tell me which one.
I would like to know the standard cost of repairing or replacing wheel bearings
The mechanic tells me both brake lines have rusted through and need to be replaced. What's a fair estimate for a job like that?
My car will not start - replaced fuel pump to no avail - I wondering if it could be the fuel filter but have no idea where the fuel filter is located on this vehicle. Any ideas?
When I turn on the air conditioning, the rear ac blows ice cold but the front vents only blow warm air like just the vent is on. Trying to not spend a bazzillion dollars.. HELP??
I had driven my car about 20+ miles and was a half block from home when it suddenly misfired and at the same time the check engine light came on. I drove it home and have not driven it since. the light is still on. ...
vehicle has a new timing belt but i am being told that its "off time" and that it needs to be adjusted... how much is that going to cost?? is it something i can do myself?? i just replaced the starter myself because i...
I need to smog my car the service engine soon light came back on after replacing the o2 sensors.. Could the catalytic converter be bad?????
fuel line split leaking gas who has replacement kines
will not charge, tack does not work,trans does not shift correctly,friend read an article,said to check the crank sensor or engine speed sensor,how do you check
Where under te hood should the emissions diagram be ?
When I start the car and try to put the car in drive, it will not shift. I have to turn the car to accesory and put the car in neutral, start it and then put in in drive. Please help!