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How to remove asmall dead animal from the car's air condtioning system.
got out of car get back in want start
2005 kia sorento vehicle has no power engine light came on.
How do i get my cd changer to work???
I would like to see the inside of a 2005 aztek rally
i dont know how to release fuel system pressure
i replaced my clutch master and slave cylinder and bleed them a bunch of times for almost 2 weeks now i can cant it to work for about 15 minutes but them the pedal get soft and its hard to shift gears and it pulls me ...
front seal on transmission slight leak, is there a quick fix?
replaced the engine and no gas is getting to the thottlebody
I replaced the egr valve and the cam sensor and the check engine light is still on and my car still did not pass an emision and is still burning alot of gas
I have a 2000 chevy cavaler 2.2 L with a bad head gasket does anyone know right off what the correct ft lbs and torque pattern is for the head bolts.
Put new coil in. checked wires into coil. It shows i have power coming to coil. but i get no spark from the coil. when i turn over the truck it shows im getting power to the injectors to. but know spark out of the coi...
Can you use Dex-Cool?
When I drive anywhere my car has a loud sqeaking noise.The dealer told me the stearing fluid needs changed due to it's dark color.Can I do something myself?Thank you,