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Is there anywhere to go on-line to find exactly where the ABS pump is so I can pull it and take it in to get it repaired? Or is there anyone out there that can tell me?
my a/c is only blowing hot air even when its set at colder settings. were is the the a/c booster vale at so i can put a/c booster?
I have a 1998 Dodge Ram Quad cab, 1500, 318 engine. When I have to fan on AC or Heater and I go to speed up it will switch from blowing out of the vents to blowing out of the defrost, or floor. After I let off the gas...
It was runing perfect then it got hot when I didnt have enough coolant in it. Now I have to give it gas when I start it and when stop when I take my foot off the gas.
Hit a major pot hole. continued to drive car when suddenly started to lose power going up a hill and engine started to tap. Car stalled as I was pulling off on side of road. Coasted to a stop at which point there w...
the wipers are not working along with some more things on my steering wheel controls. any one know what may be wrong? and i checked all fuses
fluid is sloshing around in my dash. Sounds like it's under glove box. Only heard it in AM but becoming more frequent. Please help.
i need to get the oil pan off so i can change oil pump. i have all the bolts out but i keeps hitting the trany and somthing else
how to change a fuel filter on a 1995 ford escort
how much does a transmission filter cost
what is labor rate in estimate
There is a grinding ans shimmy feeling when breaking Replaced breaks and it is still there pass. side
the air conditoner commpressor is making noise. I think it may be the air conditioner compressor clutch. How much should the repair cost.
The engine runs fine. When I put the truck in gear it does not move, will not roll either forward or backward. Additionally, when I shift there is no change in the sound from the running engine. What is the problem ...