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when i put water in my car it be so hot its spits the water back out the radiator
how do i know when the throttle body unit is not working well and when do i have to replace it for a new one?
For some reason the horn stopped working, the cruse control stopped working and the air bag light is on.
burning smell from driver seat, car shakes when brake is used
Just recently replaced my alternator, belts and battery, but my battery sensor light in the Message Center keeps flashing.I had my mechanic check it out and all new parts working properly can someone shed light on thi...
my left brake lights wont work even though the bulbs are new. the parking lights light up. and the emergency flasher doesnt come on either. only on the left rear side. why?
can the ac accumulator drier cause water to accumulate in the passenger side if itt is not functining righ?t
I replaced the fuel pump still no luck. can't hear pump running.
I need to replace the oil pan on my 8.0 96 ram 2500 and would like to know if the engine needs to jacked up or if it will just un bolt and slide out?
oil and filters
Hi I have a small oil leak , where should I check for this problem ?
Put 10% ethanol gas in it and now it runs terrible. Idols rough. I Put a gas treatment in with a higher octane from a different place from where I got with gas.Check engine light came on.
what does a code po495 problem looks like and how do you know when you have that problem?
what constitute an evap.leak,and where to find this leak?
how much cost too put transmission oli in empti transmission