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trunk lid can be opened with the valet key only.
fuses all check out
My windshield wiper reservoir is full of fluid but when I use the windshield wipers no fluid is coming out. Is is possible something is clogged? How do I fix?
Within the last two days my air bag light is coming on but will go off by itself after driving the car for twenty or more minutes. Yesterday the light came on once and then off, today it was on and stayed on. What d...
When i speed up my car while driving over 40-45 it jerks very often and it loos as though its coming to a halt. I've also experienced slipping from D to 4, I felt unsafe so I called for a towing service, this guy took...
My car won't shift when i go to put in gear reverse or drive it won't move I use to be able to fiddle with the knob and it would drive just fine Now it appears the buttons are stuck
-2004 Crossfire. -Manual stick pops out of 1st gear, creates loud noise, has done so since or around its purchase in 2004. -What causes this problem? -What is the fix for this problem? -What is the estimated cost to f...
How do I replace my brake light bulb? When looking at the assembly, it seems the reverse light bulb will pull out easily, but how do I get the bulb out for the brake light? Or can this even be done?
brake line to rear leaks how hard is it to change and should i do the fuel lines at the same time?
My 2001 Ford Escape started with hesitations every once and a while on rainy days. The frequency of the hesitations increased and it was loosing power. It was to the point that I could not drive it anymore with confi...
replaced battery, fuel modular in the fuse box by engine started once and died then won't start!!!
I Own a 05 Malibu Ls 3.5L has been a great car but was in shop 4 times for a body control module which affects trunk switch cruise control and other functions when it affects the cruise control the speed can increase ...
an 80 yr old friend of mine owns the car... she's hearing noises she attributes to the rear brakes... intermittent... and generally when "hard braking." What is the cost of a brake job?
can anyone tell me if i were to put DAWN dish soap in spray bottle with water if i could use it to degrease engine
took apart whole glove box pulled lower dash apart removed 2 screws and still could not find it.