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car lost power then stalled and won't start
It make a lot of clicking noises like it is trying but then jumps to 4 wheel high. It started giving us trouble last winter. It wouldn't go into 4 wheel at all then. We got it serviced and thought that took care of ...
i took the care to autozone and they told me that my switch communateue interruptor need to be repalced i purchased it and can't fin where to locate it on my Saturn SL2 1997. help me please
both drive and park lights are on
Yesterday while driving, felt the engine straining to reach 30 miles per hour. While at a stop, tried to move away but when pressed gas pedal, car did not move, engine still ran but car did not respond to gas pedal....
I need directions for removing rear door panel and replacing the door lock motor
I need to reconnect the rocker arm on cylinder 7. How do you do this?
When gear goes into park the drive gear is still on and when i stop car pulls off slow
What is the oil capacity
When turning left or right, say around a corner, drive power is lost until i straighten the wheels back out. Why?
how much would it be to replace the axle?
when i put water in my car it be so hot its spits the water back out the radiator
how do i know when the throttle body unit is not working well and when do i have to replace it for a new one?
For some reason the horn stopped working, the cruse control stopped working and the air bag light is on.
burning smell from driver seat, car shakes when brake is used