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All of my lights are working except the brake lights...I replaced a switch under brake pedal, but still no lights...any ideas?
passenger will not go forward or back. hear a click from control mod.
My Aerostar shifts into reverse perfectly but when I try to shift it into a forward gear (1,2,D,OD) I have to go through N like all Auto Transmissions and it feels like it just stays in N when I shift into all forward...
What kind of brake fluid do i need to use for my 2005 Town and Country?
where is the turbo located on my 03 vw passat i was tod that it is unplugged
Recently we were traveling on the city streets(35-40 m.p.h.)and our 95 Prizm began popping out of gear while in 3rd or 4th gear. It doesn't happen all the time but has happened to both of us on different occasions, an...
Alternator pulley was squeaking, driped some water on pulley, noise stoped. Belt came off, not fraid or broken. With belt off, pulley turns very easily on alternator. I have a diagram for the belt but not sure what ...
Let me start by saying my car is a 1968 pontaic firebird. When starting my car it starts and runs fine cold, when driven and parked for a short time it starts hard and hesits and sometimes dies at speeds. I'v n...
Ford says there no problem with the freestar. Thats hogwash. These things are falling apart every day. Ford just dont want to admit that they built a LEMON this time..People all over the place are having trouble with ...
How do I remove front hub?
I cannot get the headlight out to change it
How do you replace a rack and pinion for a 2000 Ford Taurus and how much does it cost?
engine won't engage. Is there a fuel reset switch or fuse
my ac crank is making a loud rattling noise and I dont know where the fuse is to turn it off
where is the cabin air filter located on gmc yukon 2003