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I am changing my spark-plugs,I FIND IT Impossible to get number 3 plug out because of the steering colume any advice? thank you
Can this be done ourselves, or it difficult to get to and has to be done in a shop?
I was driving and someone flag me down to tell me i had a lot of smoke coming from my tailpipe. When i stopped, he checked it out,and said it sounded like my supercharger. And now i'm experiencing a funny noise and bu...
Battery light comes on and then the car dies
daughters car no noted leaks around radiator or water pump i am not sure if fan is working or not. Need a repair shop to check it out for me. Is there a repair shop that will do a chec for free in leander
The caliper has 2 dowel like rods going thru the brakes. how do you get these out once you take out the all the bolts. Are they suppose to be pressed out or come out easily
have a bad head gasket and am told it is not worth it to fix it.Do you think that it is or not the car is good condition and still runs but it does overheat and has a milk like look to the oil. By doing the gaskets do...
air blows cold just not as cold as it should be
when i start the car up its fine but when i fill it up with gas i cant get it started
car will not move in any gear before you could rev up engine and after hearing a certain sound put it in gear and go.although o.d. would go away after warmed up.but worked fine ..until you turn off engine and ...
My 1999 Bonneville will not start. Has strong crank but will not kick over. When car is doing this, the electric windows will not open. Once the windows open, the car starts. Changed: mass air flow sensor, crank senso...
Replaced coils, and plugs. What else could it be?( the problem)
it looks like i might have to replace breaks again?? Should toyota look for problem? will my warranty cover it? I had them done this time last year and 3 months later they had to replace defective break pads. Now its...
Is it common for a water pump, power steering pump and an alternator to go bad all at one time. I feel like I am being ripped off.