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my 3 cylinder keep reading misfire after i change the spark plugs and the coil plugs. how i know its misfiring only when i start the car after sitting for a long period of time he runs hard, then after it warms up its...
When I was driving the car during the winter there were not any problems with the engine temperature gauge as I had the heat on. I replaced the thermostat three times, in case that is your answer. During the summer, w...
I have been told that my AC/Heater Control Module might need replacing. (An AC/Heater Control Module is a computer that controls and automates the operation of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HV...
2007 Rav4, 42,000 needs brake pads first time and rotors because there is rust on them? Does this seem reasonable?
the driver side lock wont open with or w/o the key, from inside or outside is just stuck.
what is the best way to find a leak on this air-ride suspension? (slow leak)
al l sensors failed emissions check engine light on over 400.00 dollars to repair
Instrument Cluster shunts on / off all instruments drop and rise at random, lights also flash on /off but will stay on in the manual position
August 2009: Light Control Module replaced. Exterior lights would go off and on without warning. Lights would go on then off then on again. Sometimes turning light switch off/on would temporarily correct problem (m...
Could some one please give me the paint code that the lightning wheels were painted at factory. Have three new ones ( taken off when new )and one that was stripped and polished thanks
I have 90k miles on a 2000 Focus with the Ztec engine. the manual says to replace the timing belt at 120k. Does anyone know if the 120k is a good estimate? Do I need to replace early if it shows no signs of wear o...
our van is stalling does not want to drive keeps cutting out on us,, no go...could this be sensors and here are they????
I was driving my car and the light came on telling me the engine was overheating and to turn off the engine. I replaced the thermometer, however now it is doing the same thing again. What else could this be?
where to put transmission fluid