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I Have a 92 Honda accord with an automatic transmission. When I try take the car out of park The shiter won't move. I have to use the override key. Once the car is out of park it shifts fine. When I press the brake I ...
what wieght oil is used for this car
service 4wd light is on what can i do to fix this
heat works on right side but not on driver side
I've put 25,000 miles on in 7 years. When should I do a 30,000 mile service? And what does it entail?
at first my car would turn over but wouldnt it wont make a noise.i have changed every thing but the coil and the camshaft position sensor. i need someone to tell me where this sensor is located on a 97-dodge...
The rear tailight will not work when engine is running . I have replace bulb and it still did not fix problem Many thanks, Frank
I have a problem starting the car; the EGI fuse kept clicking constantly draining the battery very fast. I removed one of the fuse (10A) under the dash and the EGI stopped clicking but the engine still won't start. ...
Had fuel pump replaced, 200 miles later check engine light comes on, told it's an evaporation problem. Replaced fuel cap, didn't help. Is there a problem that commonly happens when fuel pump goes out?
My front transmission seal needs to be replaced, but I don't have access to a lift or transmission jack. About how much should I expect to pay for this service?
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could possibly point me in the right direction. I have a 2005 Elantra, Manual transmission. Recently I have been having problems accelerating, it's as if it doesn't want to catch when...
Would it be harmful to put light coat of silicone paste on spark plug boot?????
I replaced water pump and timing belt and the car runs at speed great but at idle in park or in drive engine now surges but when you drive it runs good and starts right up and it idles around 860-900 in park any help ...
Does the engine have to be pulled to change the oil pump?