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I'm looking to purchase a 2000 and the owner says that the car needs a Torque Sensor to control the idling and the switching of the gears. I was just wondering if there was a such thing of that part for the STS
could not find this cost in your menu. Please advise if possible email: thanks David Statham
battery died when car is off something is draining the battery
I have a standard Toyota corolla 1999. I have been notice that my vehicle does not have enough power when I accelerate it. Also when I press the gas pedal it sound like the vehicle Is in neutral. I wonder if the probl...
My car has an intermittent problem, sometimes when I hit my brakes I get grinding and it is difficult to push the pedal all the way down, I have to let go of the brakes and press the pedal again. I just had a brake jo...
What kind do I need? 2006 GMC Yukon 5.3L V-8
where do i find the power steering fluid reserve
the dash on my 99 seville doesnt wanna turn on...checked the fuses and nothing...what do u think the problem is??..
i replaced abs module etc with regular brake master cyl etc how can i get abs lights etc to not come on since there is no abs but it had several wires left hanging, thanks
Where is the oil filter on the 09 Kia Sorento LX
There is a knocking when the car is put into gear. wether its moving or not. any ideas?
All 4 of my electric windows quit working so i replaced the main switch and all windows work but the driver window what could be wrong. Please help before my truck becomes the most exspensive target for shooting pract...
At about 61,000 miles, my instrument cluster started going out. Initially, only the guages and lights on them went out. It goes off and comes back on sporadically. However, lately I've noticed that the engine is revvi...
I have a 2001 Mercedes SLK 230 that need the head lamps replaced. I don't have a clue on doing it myself. e-mail address:
i just had this happen today, i heard a gergling sound and then a scratching hissy sound , i parked, opened up my hood and checked under the car saw something leaking, then I checked my temp gauge and it was all the ...