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Water got into the headlights and one of the side lights during heavy rains. Now I have condensate on the lens inside. How do I dry out the lights and then prevent it from happening again without complete replacement?
Why oil temp blinking for 2000 subaru forester?
got my check engine ligt read and they said it may be my transmission control module what is that and how diffucult is it to fix and how much will it cost me what are the common side effect of the module going out th...
install rake and pinion
How do I open the gas tank cover? I just took over this car and I wasn't told how to open it.
How to remove the dash panels in order to replace the gauge module?
ok a few days ago the oil light came on I added oil and it went off..then the engine light came on,,today when I went to get into my car there was white smoke pouring out of it underneath and out of the tail pipe !! w...
When I turn or move steering wheel, car makes a moaning sound?
I just had my power steering pump replaced but it seems as if coolant is leaking into the pump causing the power steering fluid to look white and cloudy and the powersteering is still making a loud whinning noise. why...
MY temp.on my mirror started reaing oc directions works great
when I start the CRV there is this high pitched squeal that sounds like it's the belt or coming from around that area. This apears to go away after the car has been driven for about 20 to 30 minutes. At inspection in ...
please help me to desasembel the stering to take out the cylinder ignition complete, to fix it...the key in locked inside de ignition cylinder,I can not move the I can desasembel it
i need the diagram for my timing belt
I would like to know how many belts (total) this sonata has?
I have a 2004 Rainier with AWD/5.3L V-8 and when I reach 25-30 mph there is a humming like sound that almost sounds like the tranny is stuck. I filled my AWD transfer case and the noise is still there, could this be t...