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How do I replace the Wiper Motor
what would be the easy way to remove right side half shaft with out taking unnessary parts apart
How do I remove the factory windshield washer sprayer nozzels to replace them with new ones?
what makes the car shut down while driving--car did not overheat-checked the fuel valve there appears to be fuel pressure--but the trac off light followed by the check engine light came on while driving and a couple m...
the over heats after driving for a little while. i replaced the radiator the thermostat, water pump and a hose, and it continues to run hot. When it over heats I have replace it with water. I've even put anti freeze i...
where is the turn signal flasher located??
The steering on my 2006 Sierra 1500HD 4WD rattles on rough roads, especially when turing a corner. And I can feel it in the steering wheel. Is this a common problem? Are there any common fixes?
for about a week nowm i been haveing problems with my turn signals.......they lightup but wont blick, but the fourway flashers work. what can be the problem and where could i find it on the car to replace?? Danny
I have a 03 trailblazer and cannot find the location of the speed sensor so that I can replace it. Could you please tell me where it is located?
I need to know how the door ajar is activated. There is nothing in the manuals that I have that reference it. I have checked the fuses. All of the other doors activate the panel light.
I am experiencing an issue on my 2004 Honda Odyssey with 64,000 miles. My Van was at Honda Service for almost 3 weeks and the day after i got it back, i was on my way to Church and couldn't get my van out of park, i t...
Have 100,110 miles. Honda service mentioned at my last service -97,000 miles, that we needed to do the timing chain around 105,000. I keep hearing different opinions on this procedure- cost, other parts required, etc....
steering wheel removal. has radio controls on it. thanks
Replaced ECM and still does not start.Befor that replaced the inition mode,the IAC modejule,then got 4 more codes ,an thats when i replaced the ECM oh and the fuel pump prier to the ECM.and now it still does nt start.