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how tight do i make the bolt on head what number
I have a code PO405. I cleaned the EGR valve, replaced the O2 sensor, When you accellerate the car will stumble or die, where do I go from here?
do you have to take the pulley off to replace the timing belt. Cannot get the belt on the crank shaft with the pulley on. Not enough room
Ok i got timing chain replaced at Hall Mazda in virginia beach. Once i got it back about a week goes by and then im crozin along and i hear a knocking. took it back to them and they said it was unrelated to there work...
134r refrigerant, continuous adding to ac system.
When to change transmission fluid; in how many miles?
Purely interms of both safety and risk of significantly more costly repair in the future, what's the best way to evaluate when to replace front compliance bushings on this model? My Honda Service dealer recomends it ...
need to install a thermostat in my camry uncertain of where the theromstat is located
manual transmission want shift into second gear.please help
first changed fuel injector seals didnt do properly,car caught fire.changed wire harness,ecm,sparkplug turned over a couple of times then wouldnt make any noise.also no fire to sparkplugs.checked fuel,no fue...
I have a 2000 Eurovan with a V6 OBD2 scan code of p0300 (random misfire). Also, a " Fuel System 1 , Closed Loop-fault". What does this mean? Thanks.
My 323i convertable heater and AC intermitentily works. The panel lights on the controls go out then come on with no other symptoms relating to it. Please help.
i simply need to know where #1 cylinder is located.
where is bank 1 and 2 oxygen sensor on my truck and how do i replace them
how much and what is involved in replacing shattered driver door window?