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IN the mornings when I crank the car the gear shift will not release from park, even when pressing on brake.
po141 what does this code mean and where exactly is it ?
The back seat ride use to be so comfortable. Now it scrapes bottom when you turn into some driveways and it just seems to sit much lower than it use to. How much will this cost to be repaired?
I have a 4.6 V8 1999 Ford f150 manual transmission 4x4. It has 85,000 miles. I am the original owner. Traveling at 75 mph or other high speeds you wouldn't notice anything wrong. When you slow down to stop or down s...
my abs light is on, how do I diagnose the problem?
How do I change brakes on my 2001 echo?
Why when I put water in my tank by the engine does the water leak out the bottom? Is it my water pump or is it just a hoes.
motoer turns over will not start
which way does throwout bearing go on clutch
Just bought a 97 SL2 with 104K. When I start the car and turn the wheel to drive away there is a noise under the plastic covering of the steering column just behind the wheel. The noise always happens after a straight...
will there be engine damage if the timing belt breaks?
several times this year my car would not start. the first time AAA started it by turning the steering wheel hard. this happened a couple more times. then it happened again and turning the wheel did not work. AAA sa...
How to change a brake light switch for a 1999 Toyota Corolla?
changing antifrezze,i want to drainblock.
I replaced the ac compressor and now CEL is on I cleared it and it keeps returning with PO443. I have checked to see if I cut wires or hoses can find no damage. The CEL has never been a problem until I changed the ac ...