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MY temp.on my mirror started reaing oc directions works great
when I start the CRV there is this high pitched squeal that sounds like it's the belt or coming from around that area. This apears to go away after the car has been driven for about 20 to 30 minutes. At inspection in ...
please help me to desasembel the stering to take out the cylinder ignition complete, to fix it...the key in locked inside de ignition cylinder,I can not move the I can desasembel it
i need the diagram for my timing belt
I would like to know how many belts (total) this sonata has?
I have a 2004 Rainier with AWD/5.3L V-8 and when I reach 25-30 mph there is a humming like sound that almost sounds like the tranny is stuck. I filled my AWD transfer case and the noise is still there, could this be t...
everytime the car idles for 5 minutes or more it overheats There is plenty of coolant in the overflow
So I bought a 1995 VW Passat and the two back door handles have to be tugged at twice to open and sometimes more. The front door handles dont work at all. This happened out of nowhere too. Is this common for this car ...
does the computer box have anything to do with ac not working.
passenger side floor gets all wet when it rains does anyone know where it might be coming from?
Just noticed the crack in the white coolant bottle today has very little coolant in it.thought I saw a wet spot under my car the last time I drove but can't get the cap off the radiator to check the level in the radia...
the fan will not come on unless you slam the door then sometimes will go off if you hit a bump in the road.
please explain where on the engine bank one sensor 1 and bank one sensor 2 issituated and if possible what are the seperate part number .i think bank 2 sensor one is close to the radiator and bank one sensor 1 is to t...
While Driving the car, it stalls as if there is no fuel. sometimes it will not start up with the same symptoms. but once it gets going, it runs great. Until it just decides to stall again. Some help would be appreciated!
what parts do i need for a tuneup?