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How do you remove door panel?
How do i go to the sub-menu of my computer. Because i heard some warning features can be turned off without external computer
why is my AC clutch not working
Does the 1999 Ford Expedition have 2 upper and lower ball joints? What is the estimated price of fixing all upper and lower ball joints at the same time? Thank you.
The car overheats when sitting still with engine running, new thermostat installed, coolant is good. Fans run with air on
check engine light is always on, obd code shows P0112. Have replaced air filter, MAF sensor, outside air temp. sensor in the heater box (HVAC).
left rear of vehicle lays down over night,comes up when i start the car and push suspension button,and works fine all day,no visible leaks,no trouble lights on in car,is it the pump,shock,control module,a leaking valv...
the heat works fine but the a/c just blows out heat no cold air at all help please
how do i get into the casing to change the air filter
When I put my foot on the brake to put the car in drive or gear this light beeps and comes on and stays on. Is this a bulb, switch or wiring problem? How do I test for these conditionss? Thank You.
Autozone tester shows P0773, Shift Solenoid E Circuit Electrical. Has ~135000 miles.
manifolds are getting red hot after 2-3 minutes when it stays alive that long
Thermostat is blowing out white smoke after replacing. Does seal need a lubricant?
how long does it take to do the oil pan gasget and the o- ring?
when replacing brake pads do i need to do any lubrication of the calipers before re-installing it? If so how do i lubricate these calipers and with what?