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My truck is leaking fluid that apears to be transmission fluid. Redish in color. The location is coming from the front center. The truck has also stalled and turned off. But restarted back up. My truck has over 200k ...
my car starts missing and losing power when under load could this be the electronic throttle activator?
ihav no gauge lights at all and i turn on my head lights i lose my radio and heater control lights ive tried the dimmer looked at all the fuse cant find the issue please help if u can
mybattery went dead how do I get the error to put in the code
i have had my 2007 town and country for almost 3 years and now my check engine light is staying on this is the second time this has happen twice had it fixed while it was under warranty
Engine Type L4, Engine Size 1.9L/116, manual tran, no mods. When running at highway speeds, while accelerating to increase speed, engine cuts back as if governed, sometimes to the point of stalling, and degrades to ...
I'm unable to switch into 4hi or 4low. I've replaced the dash selector switch - new one still has no lights. Thinking of the Transfer case control module. Suggestions?
i have a 1998 GMC Yukon and it seems that every time i drive it for 30 min to an hour it shuts off when im driving .and then i wait 20 min to an 1/2 hour and it turns back on. i have no check engine light on
i can hear my motor but my seat wont go back and forth only up and down
I need help assembling the engine of a Nissan Hardbody(Pickup D 21) or a diagram of how to do it.
How to take out a vacum booster on a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?
where is the coil located on a 5.7 v8 and what is the purpose for it
is pully right or left hand thread?
truck runs for 30 min . cuts off let it sit for 20min restarts. replaced crank sensor still cuts off. loose's fire and fuel??? can cam sensor in distribitor cause this??also replaced cut off relay!