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I experience Spongy brakes when I brake after entering an uneven road surface.It behave like a brake failure. It does not do this when I brake on a smooth road
how much is the cost of timing belt replacement on a 2002 honda odyssey that has 102 miles
This is driving me crazy! Just replaced oil pressure sencor and housing, temprature is normal but the oil light and buzzer in the car wont stop. Help me before i drive this otherwise enjoyable car in the colorado river!
How do you reset the ABS light on a Ford F-150
the car will start and quit and on the dash board the ecm prob will apear
when i run the engine, the ignition coil has no power???
When driving (while pressing the gas peddle down to accelerate) I hear a clicking in my gas peddle. It also occurs when I take my foot on and off the brake. To me it sounds like something it loose. I took it to Honda...
My mechanic said that our van was leaking transmission fluid and we need a new solenoid pack on the 2003 dodge caravan. He esimated $350, does that sound right?
my car started knocking and yesterday it wanted to cut out. putting my foot on the gas pedal and it didnt want to go. what could be the problem thank you
any idea what is the problem maybe ecu or fuel pump and i have a 156,000 miles on it
what would be the cost of replacing the Egr if it malfunctions? What is the Egr?
for a while now i have been having problems with my door locks when i use the lock buttons or the keyless remote to lock the doors i then have to check to see which doors lock and which ones don't. And when i return t...
it has been going on for a week. found it was a rod in the motor.want to know price of rod