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air conditioner leaks water into my floor board 97 corrola
I have to purchase a transmission repair kit for my 1995 Kia Sephia and need to get the transmission number Engine# 049532 Chassis# KNAFA2253T5618185
How often do you need to replace the struts? The dealer said that they were leaking and needed replacement. The car has 60000 miles on it.
Is there an interior fuse box in the car? My radio has no power but everything else runs fine. Just trying to figure out if its a mechanical problem, or simply a blown fuse. Couldnt find a fuse for radio when I lo...
Hi, my "Service Engine Soon" light came on with a code of P0505...I had the Idle Air Control Valve replaced and the light is still on. Now the car revs up and down while in park and sometimes while in drive. I was t...
Blower motor not working what is the estimated cost to replace it?
Cannot get the blower fan to come on
i was told by dealer to replace fluid every 100,000 miles, they replaced at 50,000,(and charge me an arm and a leg ) how can i change the fluid my self ?
I have replaced the transmission with a new one. Replaced the O2 sensor, the cam sensor, the BDU, and had a full service on the car. All to no avail...The car is fine to drive around town, smooth responsive. On the ...
I experience Spongy brakes when I brake after entering an uneven road surface.It behave like a brake failure. It does not do this when I brake on a smooth road
how much is the cost of timing belt replacement on a 2002 honda odyssey that has 102 miles
This is driving me crazy! Just replaced oil pressure sencor and housing, temprature is normal but the oil light and buzzer in the car wont stop. Help me before i drive this otherwise enjoyable car in the colorado river!
How do you reset the ABS light on a Ford F-150