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I just remove the spark plug wires from 1991 volvo 740 I need to know the firing order
After driving on the highway and air condition is on it overheats
Got my daughter an 04 3.9 mustang that has a engine miss on and off that starts at 1200 t0 1300 rpms, i have changed the plugs and wires and added Inj cleaner a month ago. Did the tune up today, with unit in park and ...
scanner says warm up catalyst efficiency below threshold.what does this mean?
How many quarts of transmission fluid go back into my 97 toyota camry?
My 96 pathfinder has started swaying side to side going around curves on rough roads. Why?
runs rough when first starts like missing
when i apply my brakes it feels like i have a flat tire and my steering wheels shake, i have been waiting to get the car repaired, someone suggested it might be the rotors, i just had the car inspected in october. is...
my cruise control no longer works. Anyway I can reprogram it to work or reset it? Please need help immeaidetly!!!
The steering wheel vibrates at low and high speeds when the brake is applied. Is this an alignment issue or a brake issue?
Mine are well oxidized,pitted, and hazed.I'd like to replace them. I see only one 8mm attachment bolt at the front and two vertical steel straps.Is there another attachment point? Thank you. Update: I see that the t...
the abs light come on and when i step on the brakes it grinds and grabs
air conditioner leaks water into my floor board 97 corrola
I have to purchase a transmission repair kit for my 1995 Kia Sephia and need to get the transmission number Engine# 049532 Chassis# KNAFA2253T5618185
How often do you need to replace the struts? The dealer said that they were leaking and needed replacement. The car has 60000 miles on it.