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i just replaced the starter and its was running fine for a month but i went to start it 5 mins after i was driving it and the key turned fully but my engine didnt start. there was no sound or anything. i played with i...
are there a primary and a secondary fuel filter on the 1990 F-250 7.3L Dsl?
a/c not cold only when you drive somewhere but when your at a stop it is hot?
How do I replace spark plugs on a 2007 Mercury Milan, 4cylinder?
how do you know when your heater core needs to be replaced?
will a HID headlight conversion kit work in my 1997 lincoln mark viii lsc? it is from HID it work???
I replaced the left front wheel bearing (with sensor)and now my cruise control isn't working properly. the cruise control suts off at 10mph, works from 21mph to 39mph then shuts off and then works from 51mph to 60mph ...
Hey; my car does not start. it just does click thing that's it, I passed jumped cable, and still not Ignition, what's could be????
I am having a problem with the windshield gasket on my 2002 Honda Odyssey. The gasket came out during a trip to Disneyland. I pushed it back in but it didn't stay in very long so I had to tape it down. I have a f...
Have a stalling problem. Starts up fine , runs for about a mile or 2 then quits runing just shuts down. It will restart right away goes about a another mile does the same thing. It does't happen all the time. For T...
My drivers side front wheel Studs for the lug nuts Have Been broken By The Lugs But I want To Fix Them Myself. But I can't Knocked The Old 1/2 stud much less put in the longer new one. There Is Not Enought Room To Tak...
backup lights do not work and the problem is not the fuse or the bulbs. I am out of options right now
BMW X3 2006 gave big cloud of ligth blue/white smoke and engine was running shaking at start after being parked 8 hours at work. First time this happens.