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camry,4 cyl. now pinging after adding fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank,Is this normal?
I have replaced the gas cap numerous times. I have reset the code on two occasions, however it came back after about 200 to 400 miles. The vehicle has 70,000 miles and I am planning a tune up. I have noticed it is ...
my a/c went out can someone help me with the problem a/c light dont com on it blow from dash only and not the vents ac in the back blows but dnt get cold
Hazard lights are on and will not turn off. The ignition will not fully turn to the off position, so the key will not come out of the ignition. Had to disconnect the battery cable to stop the hazard lights.
where do i locate fuel pump relay, so i can replace the switch.
trying to locate switch to replace it.
bmw 1996 z3 owner manuals...where can I buy one? I'm not spending $100 for one either...thats crazy
i replace my starter but my car still will not start even after checking my relay and fuses and all the connections
The passenger side window will not work. Has the motor gone out on it? I was rolling it down and we heard this loud thump. The window just fell. How do I keep the window up as it is going to rain tonight?
cranks for 20 seconds
money is tight, i am looking for a good set of low cost all season tires.
Arm rest on front passenger door broken. How do I disassemble the door to replace the arm rest?
i just had my a/c recharged on my 2002 S80. it cools for about 5 min then the air gets extremely warm; then it blows cool - not cold air and the car never cools off. I've tried all different settings with no satisfa...
So this started happening 2 weeks ago; I'll be driving along then my car start's to shutter and shake. as if it were miss firing or not getting any fuel. so i went to napa and they told me to change the fuel filter. a...
Powertrain Control Module. Price of repair / replacement. Will this cause inspection failure? Is this something that can be re-set?