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Where is the cabin air filter located?
About two months ago a warning light came on my dash that I had low or no wiper fluid left. So I bought a huge bottle of it and filled up the tank. The next day the light was on again, I put it more. The Light has bee...
After starting my car, sometimes when it hasn't run all night, and sometimes when I leave for work, the a/c fan does not come on. It takes about 15 minutes of driving and then it comes on by itself. This past winter...
I bought my 2006 dodge charger 3.5L V6 USED WITH 65,000 Miles, when I got to the gas station to fuel it up it had trouble starting, sence then every time I fuel it up it starts and dies right away and takes a lot of ...
blown head gasket
replaced water pump ? now air con dont work blower works has plenty of freon compressor wont kick in and little blue switch on in side dont turn on when pressed
so my 1991 toyota previa dashboard speedometer lights wont light up but everything else in the car is working just fine what is my problem?
After the car has been running for awhile the check coolant light comes coolant needed though.
where is the ac compressor relay switch located on my car?
Can a 1500 rear end gear be installed in my van's rear end to improve gas mileage? Am getting 13 MPG on open highway
When its idiling it over heats...what can be causing it? Checked the water pump and repaced head gasket.
My 2004 XLT Sprt trac when it hits 3000rpm the car shakes alot, and the rpm even if i floor the gas will no longer go past that ammount its like stuck now at a 3k rpm max and starts to shake when its at that. This oc...
my cruise control is going crazy. it speeds up to 90 and then when it is set at 70 it starts to drop itself down to 50 and then back up to 70. what is wrong with it?
I was able to retrieve fuel injector code from socket #2 it was a 1-2-3, fixed the problem now I can't clear the codes Mitchell states to hold down button for 5 seconds then release wait for the light to come back on ...
car won;t star seems not to be getting gas so we were going to change fuel filter first, if we can locate it thanks