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How do you change out the Headlight Bulb on a 1998 Mazda B4000 Turck?
this is the thired time i replaced front rotors on this car. after a few months i get a vibration in the steering wheel and the front end shakes replace the rotors its fine then it all starts over again.. could it be ...
my fuse for the fuel pump keeps burning out, and when this happens the engine quits and i replace the fuse and it starts back up. i myself think the fuel pump filter is plugged?
truck has a vibration at 65 thru 75 mph. truck has new tires,frontend work 4 ball joints,idler arm,4 shocks, all tierods are good, u-joints feel good (tight). was think about replacing them anyway. but the vib feel as...
Hi, I have a 2005 honda accord v6 done 70000 miles.I have done wheel alignment,wheel balancing(front) and the tyres are in good shape. Sometimes when i make a turn and the steering wheel comes back to the normal posi...
It makes a loud noise.I think it's from the brakes. Can someone tell me pretty much what it could be and how much
check engine stays permanant and the code is 420
mechanic has replaced all sensors in this vehicle and it is still throwing this code could it be the catalyc converter that is bad
took my truck too a dodge dealership they said they think a flywheel is broken and it will cost 280 just to check out...does that sound right? and how much should it cost to fix it if that is the problem?
I bought this car used about a month ago, my second Cougar. I love this car, the engine runs great, but when I bought it, the fuse box panel was gone. I need to know what fuses go to what, and I have no idea. Pleas...
Im would likt to know the best way to charge a volvo v70 battery
brake peddle goes directly to the floor when pressing. brake line is broken.
my truck when it is started runs high above 2000rpms than rumbles down immediately and turns off. After about 5-10 turns it starts up fine. i have cleaned the entry into the throttle body and replaced the idle air con...
to replace control module
a/c stops blowing under accelleration or after 60 mph.Comes back on once you level off or slow down???