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was driving car and it lost power because it wasn't getting gas. it stopped. replaced fuel pump and filter checked spark plugs and regulator fuses. can't find problem can you help
Check engine light came on said catalyst system low for any efficiency code po 420a what do i have to do to fix problem. thanks for any help
how many bolts hold the starter
how do i replace the cam position sensor. e-mail
what is the best solution to fix my rear air suspension i dont want to put the air bags back on
whats the best oil i can use for my gs 300 is synthetic oil better to use then the regular oil
how do I attach the trim on the drivers side middle to bottom of door. it fell off.
what would cause this car 2 not reverse at all but i can drive at high speeds on highway or streets but wont reverse when i shift intomgear what is the source of this problem
how to turn off head lights, day driving
Where is the fuel filter on 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?
where do i find fuel line from engine to fuel rail
Where is the fuel filter on 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?
truck shakes below 30mph but when i go faster it stops
I have a loud "bang" when I am driving. My mechanic, who I trust, seems to think either a transfer case or transmission issue. He is not sure which. The bang is starting to become more frequent. Not all the time. ...
both dash brake lights comes on after several miles or time lapse go off. no set pattern. had it on electronic scanner ,nothing shows up. may be sensor (abs) cant locate it. thanks