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back bakes problem accur about 2 weeks
ran before i replaced starter, now cranks over fine but wont fire...HELP!
after market fuel pump is longer than oem will it still work
About how many miles should I hope to get out of a 1998 Saturn SL2 1.9 L-4?
what should a shop charge to replace a engine
My blower motor on air condition has no voltae the fuses and relay check good I need to find the fan motor resistor
If my air conditioner is out of freon will the compressor still kick on?
my left air ducts,,,left side blows cold air,,no heat,,but the right side is fine?????????????
I have left my interior light in on the car and then it won't start. Yes, I know probably ran down the battery but then after trying and letting it set for a while, it will start again. But if the battery is low or de...
How much does it cost to replace a blower motor
I've gotten stranded one too many times because my 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 will not crank over. I have power, and the battery is only a year old. If I let it sit for about an hour, then try again, most times it will...
car won't start or turn over. When I turn the key, no sound but a humming sound from the small box attached to engine. Its not a battery issue. Its a 2003 BMWXI
Iwould like to replace the serpentine belt and the ps belt. I'm not sure how to loosen them. Could you help me?
how much does it cost to replace the catalytic convertor
Truck will start but won't stay running after 30 seconds? Our friend has advised that he used the auto scanner (OBD II) & the code he gets is - 030 knock sensor. Can anyone help?