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were is the oil pressure switch location
How the air conditioner works
Where is my low pressure switch located for the air- conditioning?
My 2002 mitsubishi gallant es has 130,000 miles on it and the accelerator flutters at take off.Has anyone had this problem and where should I start to correct this problem?
My A/C was working very well blowing exstreamly cold air even at the lowest setting. Now it does not blow cool air at all. The fans seem to work OK because it blows hot air. Do you think this can just be a recharge is...
Passenger side of the cab only blows hot air. It blows hot air every time I turn on the AC, the driver side works fine, but the passenger side only blows hot air no matter what the temperature is set too. I have the ...
im not sure what to take apart to get to top of rear struts
where is the blower motor located & cabin air filter
The Symbol to the right of the brake light is on. The one that looks like the sun.Do you know what that is?
I just changed brake pads and sensors on my 2006 325i and the brake light won't go off. Can someone tell me how to get this stupid light off?
140,000 miles experincing tranny temp warning light and kicking out of overdrive. Had dealer check and do maintenance. still have same problem. fresh fluid, filter and cooler is clean.
I hooked up a newer trailer to my Tundra for the first time everything worked fine for about ten minutes then turning off the freeway the turn signals did not work, so I checked the 20amp fuse and it was ok. So the ha...
the brake light bulb went out on the passenger side/replaced it/turn signal blinking lights don't work now/brake light works on left side not the right/the third brake light won't turn on/the hazard lights work/what h...
Serpentine belt is dry and cracked. How hard is it to be replaced and what will be the cost?